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cib logoEstablished with the guidance of Britain in Bloom, Tidy Towns of Ireland and Villes et Villages Fleuris de France, Communities in Bloom held its first edition in 1995 and 29 participating municipalities were honoured at the first awards ceremonies on Parliament Hill. The program now includes hundreds of communities across the country and an international challenge involving communities from the United States, Asia and several European countries allows participants to compete internationally.


The program consists of communities receiving information and being evaluated either provincially or nationally by a volunteer jury of trained professionals on the accomplishments of their entire community (municipal, private, corporate and institutional sectors, citizens) on eight key criteria:

  • Tidiness
  • Environmental Action
  • Heritage Conservation
  • Urban Forestry
  • Landscape
  • Turf & Groundcovers
  • Floral Displays
  • Community Involvement

Cobourg Participation

The Town of Cobourg was an active participant in the Communities in Bloom program in 1997 and again in 2016 when we won five blooms (both times).  In 2017 it is competing again at the National level - latest update here.

Cobourg Submission

As part of the submission to the judges, a Profile book was prepared.  You can download a copy of the 2017 book here. It’s a good description of the highlights of Cobourg.

For the 2016 judging, Cobourg took the judges on a tour of the town per this itinerary. However, the judges also toured anonymously so were assured there were no hidden anomalies.  The results of the 2016 competition were announced here.

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