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Locations and Rates

Parking Map

MAR 2018 Parking Guide

(see below for Winter Parking restrictions)

Metered Parking

The Main street, King Street and downtown core side streets are metered parking.   Shorter or longer periods are allowed but the 15 minute grace period is reduced pro-rata for less than an hour.  The cost is $1 per hour.  No time limit.

The Town is planning to convert these spaces to Pay and Display.

Two Hour Free Parking

Many with meters for longer; also available for permit parking.  Effective all year. Trinity Lot – access off Division Street (Trinity Church) - leads onto Swayne street lot (at back) Covert Lot – access from Covert Street Second Lot – access from Second Street Hibernia Lot – access from Albert Street Albert Street Lot Third Street Lot

Parking Permits:

(use where map says Permit Parking)

  • Daily parking pass - $5.00
  • Monthly 30 day parking pass - $15.00 (any 30 day period) DBIA
  • 6 month parking pass - $90.00 (any 6 month period)
  • Twelve month parking pass - $180.00 (any twelve months)

Permits may be purchased online from a smart phone or computer by visiting, here:   There is a convenience fee of $2 per transaction.  Or if this does not work for you, call 905-372-4555 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Three Hour Free Parking

Effective all year. Victoria Square Lot - behind the town hall – access from Albert Street - No permit parking.

Waterfront Parking

All meters and Pay & Display located at the waterfront are in effect from Victoria Day Weekend until Thanksgiving Weekend inclusive 7 days Monday - Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Rates for both meters and Pay & Display are $2 per hour.

Pay and Display Locations:

$2.00 per hour for up to 8 hours.

  • Charles Street Lot (Pay & Display)
  • Division Street South (Pay & Display)
  • Centennial Pool Lot (Pay & Display)
  • Esplanade East & West Lots (Pay & Display)
  • McGill Street Lot (Pay & Display)
  • Marina Lot (Pay & Display - or Marina permit)

Pay for parking with a Credit Card

There is now a service that allows paying for parking using an app on your phone.  Cost is as usual but Honk Mobile adds 35 cents per transaction.  Learn more about the app from Honk Mobile here. Once the app is installed and info on a credit card added, usage is easy.  You can even extend your parking time remotely.

Accessible Parking Permit:

Vehicles occupying accessible parking areas must display an original and current accessible parking permit issued by The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, or equivalent government agency (for out of province). Parking privileges available to persons with accessible parking permit vary with municipality. The Town of Cobourg recognizes permits at designated handicapped parking spaces, but does not permit parking in prohibited areas such as "No Parking" or "No Stopping zones", and paid parking applies. Persons with accessible parking permits are still required to pay meter charges like anyone else.

Overnight (Winter) Parking

Winter parking is in effect annually from November 1 to March 31 between 2:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. on certain streets. For a list of streets that you cannot park on overnight, please see the Winter Parking By-law. However, it is only enforced if someone complains (call the Police at this number: 905-372-6821).  Generally overnight (winter) parking is not allowed on "arterial and collector roads".  Overnight parking is also prohibited in Municipal Parking lots (see list above).

No Parking anytime

In addition to paid parking and winter restrictions, a by-law prohibits parking in some residential areas because of abuse by some wanting to fish in Cobourg Creek. This includes Tremaine Terrace and some other nearby streets. Download the No Parking Anytime Map.

Pay Parking Tickets Online

If you get a ticket, the Town makes it easy to pay although there is an additional 1.75% fee charged for paying online.  Click here.

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