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The Town has published two documents targeted at businesses but the information would also be of interest to anyone relocating to Cobourg.  The documents are a Community Profile and a Relocation Guide.  They include useful information about Cobourg and some of what you need to know if you relocate yourself or your business to Cobourg.  The Cobourg Internet Site is not mentioned even though it provides a lot of information (go here to start). There is also no information provided on Municipal Information – go here instead.

Below are some numbers from the 2017 Community Profile Document that are additional to info on Cobourg Internet.

Health Care Practitioner’s Offices

Dentists (incl. Dental Hygiene Clinics, Denturists) 16
Family Practitioners (approx. 30 physicians) 10
Chiropractors 12
Hospitals 1
Optometrists (incl. 8 Opticians and 1 Ophthalmologist) 4
Pharmacies 8
Facilities for the Elderly 10
Individual & Family Services (various) 20

There is more information about medical services on a Cobourg Internet page here.


Total – distribution (%) of the
population by broad age groups –
Cobourg Northumberland Ontario *
0 to 14 Years
15 to 64 years
65 years and over

* this info (for comparison) is not in the Town Document.

Sample Residential Tax Bill (2016)

Assessed Value $236,520
Municipal $1,985
County $1,130
Education $445

Note that the average house price is now higher than this - Go here for current average prices in West Northumberland (Port Hope and Cobourg).

Since the profile is intended for businesses, existing employers and employment statistics are provided.  This no doubt indicates the pool of workers and types of businesses already here.

manufacturing employment



Total employment in Manufacturing: 1830


service retail employment

Total employment in Service and Retail in 2016
: 8823 in 898 businesses.

The Economic Development Department lists a number of Incentive programs – mostly operated by the Federal and Provincial Governments but there are also some local incentives such as the Community Improvement Program for Downtown building upgrades.

The full document provides vague information on Electricity, gas and water rates.  Contact LUSI for more.

There is also information from Cobourg Networks Inc. – the Town owned fibre-optic supplier that provides services to businesses.  How to access this service is also vague – contact LUSI to sort it out.  There is no web site or online information about this service.  There is no way of assessing if this service is really useful.  For information on conventional suppliers of Internet service go here.

Download the full Profile document here.

Relocation Guide

This repeats much of the information in the Profile document and also ignores online sources such as this web site.  But it does include the following useful lists – with contact info:

  • A list of (mostly) Government services
  • Apartment Buildings,
  • Senior Residences
  • Realtors
  • Property Managers
  • Utilities
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Churches
  • Employment Agencies
  • Doctors (but does not address the shortage – go here for help on that )
  • Dentists
  • Vetinaries
  • Opticians
  • Schools
  • Clubs (including Sports and Theatre)

Parks are also listed (similar to this list)

For links to the web sites of Cobourg Clubs, go here.

Missing is any mention of entertainment such as the Rainbow Cinema, the Loft, shows at Victoria Hall or sold by their Box Office or the Art Gallery.  Cobourg has a thriving Arts and Culture community yet it is only mentioned briefly.  There is more (a lot more) on this site here.

There is very little mention of the major Cobourg Attractions – the harbour with its Marina and Yacht club – or the two beaches.

Download the complete guide here.


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