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Updated and effective May 2022

There are two groups of roads with winter parking limitations - November 1 to March 31:

  1. Streets with no winter parking overnight (2:00 am to 7:00 am)
  2. Streets with no winter parking anytime.

No parking overnight in Winter

The basic limitation is no parking overnight on collector and arterial roads per this map.

Winter Parking Map

Also Go here for interactive map on Town's web site showing roads wth winter restrictions.

No parking anytime in Winter

No Parking at all times between November 1 to March 31 for Winter Maintenance on the following cul-de-sacs and wide corners:

Glen Watford Road Pebble Beach Road
Maher Cres Armour Cres
Tremaine Terrace Rockingham Court
Lakeview Court Bayview Cres
St. Lawrence Place East House Cres
Cooper Court Weller Court
Ruttan Terrace Burnet Drive
Conger Court Denton Drive
Nickerson Drive Ashland Court
O'Connor Court Hennan St
Gillett Court Battell Steet
Battell Court Booth Court
Clarke Court Tillison Ave
Fraser Court Field Court
Burnham St Curtis Cres
Westwood Cres Ewing St
Hooey Court Gummow Court
Duncan Court Spragge Cres
Bayfield Court Norma St
Ruth Street Jeffrey Cres
Marion St Sandra Cres
Burnham Manor Court Kerr St W of Division St (west end)
Daintry Crescent Mackechnie Crescent
Beatty Crescent Greer Crescent
Munson Crescent Ewing Court

And Laneways

No parking at all times between November 1 to March 31 for Winter maintenance on the following laneways:

Street From To
Havelock Lane James St W Havelock St
Balls Lane Spring St Ball St
Park Lane Spencer St Park St
Jex Lane Chapel St James St E

Policy on Winter Snow Clearing

Here are some official Town Documents

The Town By-law specifies what property owners should do and what the Town is responsible for: By-Law 081-2014 - Removal of Ice and Snow from Roofs and Sidewalks

The Winter Maintenance Level of Service Policy specifies which streets should be cleared and to what standard. Download this document here.

 Go to the Parking By-Law on the By-Law Guide page here.

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