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The latest updates on Covid-19 in Cobourg can be found on this special page here.


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Effective November 1st to March 31st from 2:00 am to 7:00 am, parking is prohibited on collector and arterial roads (that is, major roadways) as well as certain residential streets.  The complete list is below.  Enforcement of the bylaw is by the Police (call them here 905-372-6821 - although it may not get priority!) – not Bylaw enforcement officers.

Go here for interactive map on Town's web site showing roads wth winter restrictions.

Policy on Winter Snow Clearing

Here are some official Town Documents

The Town By-law specifies what property owners should do and what the Town is responsible for: By-Law 081-2014 - Removal of Ice and Snow from Roofs and Sidewalks

The Winter Maintenance Level of Service Policy specifies which streets should be cleared and to what standard. Download this document here.

Winter Parking Restrictions

Below is a list of streets with Winter Parking restrictions. The Town has also made a map on a pdf that shows the restrictions graphically.  Download here.  Much better. Residential streets subject to overnight parking restrictions:

Street Name From To
Abbott Boulevard King Street Lakeshore Road
Albert Street Ontario Street Division Street
Ballantine Street Division Street Chipping Park Boulevard
Baltimore Road Densmore Road 401
Birchwood Trail Elgin Street East Densmore Road
Blake Street Matthew Street Ball Street. North side of street
Boulton Street William Street Burnham Street
Burke Street Matthew Street Ball Street. South side of street
Burnham Street 401 Elgin Street
Burnham Street Carlisle Street King Street West
Burwash Street Burnham Street Westwood Drive
Campbell Street University Avenue East Gravely Street
Carlisle Street Burnham Street New Amherst Blvd.
Chipping Park Boulevard South leg of Sutherland Cres. Ballantine Street
Cottesmore Avenue King Street East University Avenue East
Courthouse Road Elgin Street West Elgin Street West
Coverdale Avenue King Street East Lakeshore Road
D'Arcy Street Elgin Street East Queen Street
D'Arcy Street Queen Street Lakeshore Drive
Danforth Road Parkview Hills Dr. north leg Jarvis Road
Densmore Road Division Street Birchwood Trail
DePalma Drive Burnham Street Strathy Road
Division Street Densmore Road The Esplanade
Dodge Street Thompson Street Willmott Street
Elgin Street East Division Street East Limits
Elgin Street West Division Street West Limits
Forth Street King Street West Tweed Street
George Street King Street West University Avenue West
Gravely Street D' Arcy Street Campbell Street
Harden Street William Street Burnham Street
Henry Street Chapel Street King Street
Hibernia Street King Street West Third Street
Huycke Street Ontario Street Chipping Park Boulevard
Jarvis Road Elgin Street East Danforth Road
King Street Tracey Road East Limits
Lakeshore Road Brook Road South Coverdale Avenue
Lakeshore Drive D'Arcy Street Brook Road South
Margaret Street King Street West University Avenue West
McGill Street King Street East Queen Street
Munroe Street Division Street Walton Street
New Amherst Boulevard Carlisle Street County Road 2
Ontario Street King Street West Hibernia Street
Ontario Street King Street West 401
Parkview Hills Drive Densmore Road Densmore Road
Queen Street Division Street D'Arcy Street
Rayner Road Burnham Street Riddell Avenue
Riddell Avenue Rayner Road White Street
Rogers Road Elgin Street West Carlisle Street
Second Street King Street West Albert Street
Spencer Street East Walton Street D'Arcy Street
Sprinq Street King Street West University Avenue West
Strathy Road Elgin Street West DePalma Drive
Sutherland Crescent Ontario Street Chipping Park Boulevard
Third Street King Street West Albert Street
Thompson Street Willmott Street Dodge Street
Tweed Street Forth Street Ontario Street
University Avenue West Marqaret Street Division Street
University Avenue East Division Street Cottesmore Avenue
Walton Street Munroe Street Spencer Street East
Wilson Road Carroll Crescent West Carroll Crescent North. (North and West side of street)
Westwood Drive Burnham Street Carlisle Street
Westwood Drive 455 Westwood Drive 475 Westwood Drive. West side of street
White Street Burnham Street Riddell Avenue
William Street King Street West Elgin Street West
Willmott Street King Street East Normar Road

  Go to the Parking By-Law on the Town's ByLaw page here.

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