Advisory Committees

Last Updated on 24 July 2020

To assist with Council decisions, Cobourg has set up a number of Advisory Committees.  These are chaired by a citizen but members include elected councilors.  Any questions or submissions should be made to Council and not to citizens on these committees.  If you are interested in participating, vacancies become available from time to time and are advertised in the newspaper and on the Town’s web site.  Application forms are available at the town office at that time.

Note that because of the Covid-19 Crisis, Committee meetings are being held on-line and as required rather than on scheduled dates.  See the Town’s page on committees for more info: Committees page

Note also:

  • A resident may make a delegation to these committees and is allowed 10 minutes
  • Residents (the public) may attend these committee meetings as observers and may raise a hand and, at the discretion of the chair, may make a comment. The main point is attending as an observer.

The names in the list below are taken from minutes of each committee.  There is  currently no official list showing membership.

2020 Advisory Committee Members (month confirmed shown)

Note that some of these are governing boards and not really “advisory”.

Community and Civic Awards Advisory Committee
Under Review

Downtown Business Improvement Area Board (June 2020)
Councillor Adam Bureau – Chair
Deputy Mayor Suzanne Seguin
Erika Cotton
Joan Greaves
Julie Dreyer
Amanda Da Silva
Julie McCuaig
Lou Trozzolo
Jenna Fitzgerald
Chief Paul VandeGraaf

Accessibility Advisory Committee (December 2019)
Kathryn Richards, Chair
Troy Mills, Vice Chair
Estelle Morrill
Susan Caron
Elizabeth (Beth) Sheffield
Jerry Ford
Aaron Burchat, Councillor

Police Services Board (May 2020)
Dean Pepper (Municipal Representative) – Chair
Mayor John Henderson
Councillor Burchat
Dr. Ron Kerr – Vice-Chair
Sean Graham

Planning and Development Advisory Committee (June 2020)
Rick Stinson – Chair
Alister Commins
George Kamphorst
Kristina Nairn
Don Wilcox – Vice Chair
Nicole Beatty, Councillor/Coordinator

Sustainability and Climate Change Advisory Committee (December 2019)
Minnie de Jong – Chair
Dale Randall
Antony Pitts – Vice Chair
Marius Marsh
Gillian Berridge-Kassela
John Vickers
Councillor Adam Bureau

Heritage Advisory Committee (February 2020)
Graham Andrews, Chair
Kenneth Bagshaw, Vice-Chair
Felicity Pope
Catherine Richards
Loren Turner
Jolinka Burnie
Nicole Beatty, Councillor

Public Library Board (May 2020)
Adam Bureau, Councillor Cobourg
Pat McCourt, Councillor Hamilton
Kevin Caldwell – Chair
Jennifer Gillard
Diana Cleland
Simon Chorley – Vice Chair
Joanne Hearst
Marian Neill
Ken Williamson

Transportation Advisory Committee (February 2020)
Randy Curtis Chair
Bruce Bellaire Vice Chair
Harry Meester
Randall Ross
William Glover
Councillor Brian Darling

Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee (March 2020)
Beth Bellaire, Chair
Dora Body
Richard Pope
Patricia Whitney
James McGrath
Miriam Mutton
Councillor Emily Chorley

Committee of Adjustment & Property Standards Committee (June 2020)
Robert Marr – Chair
Barry Gutteridge – Vice Chair
Peter Delanty
Astrid Hudson
Allan Smelko


Note that relevant Town staff also attend meetings but do not have a vote and are not listed here.

Includes all meetings other than Full Council meetings.  All are open to the public although it’s rare to see anyone other than committee members.

For meeting dates and times – either ask a committee member or it may be on the Town’s News Portal here.

Northumberland County

The County also has advisory committees but most of them are hidden from view.

Here is a list with links to the only available additional information