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The latest updates on Covid-19 in Cobourg can be found on this special page here.

Cobourg Internet provides hosting to its clients - maybe you'd like to know something about this.

coderoHosting requires a good computer, a good connection to the Internet and most of all reliability. Even simple sites want to be on-line virtually 100% of the time.  This requires that the server be housed in a secure, air-conditioned room, have multiple high bandwidth connections to the internet and be staffed 7 x 24 x 365.  Further, you need to know that if there is a problem, that it will be taken care of quickly.  You need to know that back-ups are done regularly.

And being up to date with software versions is important, especially Linux Kernel and PHP.

But like a lot of things, people shop for Hosts based on their spec and price.  It's common to offer unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth but if you read the vendor's terms of service, you'll find that in practical cases you are limited by CPU capacity or the actual usage of the site.  In the end, you get what you pay for.

Cobourg Internet operates the server Net Cobourg supplied by Codero (pictured above right).

Net Cobourg has the following specifications:

 Features  Details Standard Prime
Storage (share of disk)   2 GB 10 GB
Bandwidth (per month)   4 GB 20 GB
CPanel (Full CPanel - not customized or limited version) Version: 98.0.6 Yes Yes
Secure (https) No extra charge for all sites Yes Yes
Email accounts (POP3 or IMAP)   10 100
Web Mail (IMAP) Horde and RoundCube Yes Yes
FTP Accounts   2 5
MySQL Data bases (needed for Joomla, Calendars, WordPress etc) Version: 5.7.35 2 10
Linux version Centos 7.9    
Linux Kernel 3.10.0-1160.25.1.e17.x86_64    
Apache version 2.4.46    
PHP version 7.4.22 - 8.09 available    
Memory available, limit 16 GB No limit No limit
Add-on domains & Sub-domains   1 10
Parked Domains (Alias)   5 20
Full Statistics  Awstats Yes Yes
Free Secure (https) Let's Encrypt Yes Yes
Site backups to server disk Monthly and Weekly Yes Yes
Off-site backup of Joomla & WordPress sites to Google Drive * Weekly/ monthly Yes Yes
Off site backups of HTML sites (includes all "assets") Original files backed up Yes Yes
Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus Mail-Scanner Yes Yes
Firewall Config-Server csf 14.10 Yes Yes
Installatron Auto Installation/upgrade of Joomla & many more   Yes Yes
Free updates of Joomla and WordPress* (Automatic for minor updates)   Yes Yes
Upgrade of back-end Editor to JCE Pro Bundle in Joomla   Yes Yes
Price per year   $108 $138

*  Joomla and WordPress updates free if the original web site was designed by Cobourg Internet.

Most Businesses will want the Prime plan but lower traffic sites can use the Standard plan.  An Elite plan with 200GB bandwidth and 80GB Storage is also available at $276 per year.

Multiple Backups protect against hackers, human errors made on site files and disk/server failure.

Note that sites may not be used to store files not required for the site.  Use Drop Box, Google Drive or SkyDrive or similar for that purpose.

All prices in Canadian dollars.


All sites have email accounts and these are protected against spam and viruses by Mail Scanner for no extra charge. If an email is borderline, the email will be labelled as such so you can see if you want it or not.

Setup of email and help with configuring is provided at no charge for customers who have used Cobourg Internet for design services. If you are a Hosting only client, then normal rates apply.

Using this email service for mailing lists is not permitted - use Mail Chimp or Constant Contact or similar service.  Outgoing mail is limited to 200 emails per hour per domain.  Any user found to be sending spam will have their account terminated.  All email must be authenticated and support SPF and DKIM.  Secure email is available and recommended.


You can set up your own domain or if you like we can register it for you.  Domains with .ca, .com, .org or .net suffixes are $20.00 per year.  Others are available on request.

If we arrange your domain, we will make sure it gets renewed on time and all the time required to manage the domain is included in cost.  We supply domains only to customers who also buy hosting.


You should expect any web site and host to be up 99.9% of the time.  There's a full discussion of Internet reliability here (bottom of page)

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