Northumberland Hills Studio Tour
Sunday 09 September 2018, 10:00am - 05:00pm
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Contact: Melanie Horner

Come Fill Up Your Senses!

 What sets the annual Northumberland Hills Studio Tour that occurs the second week in September apart?

 The amazing selection of artistic responses to life and art that Northumberland Studio Tour 30 + seasoned artists present.

 September 8 and September 9 run into the Fall season with open arms.

Northumberland Studio TourEnjoy a weekend of visual pleasure and creative reflection in Northumberland County. Meet the creators in their studios. Chat with artists about their art.

Plan a tour through one of the finest County’s in Ontario this September. Beautifully textured with forests and seasonal crops, the farm-and-village countryside of the Northumberland Hills Studio Tour is a driver’s delight.

Bonus. There are great restaurants in the vicinity whenever you feel the urge to lollygag or snack. But generally, most people once they see the possibilities want to visit as many artist studios as possible. Plan your route in advance.

This Fall — Come Fill Up Your Senses! — come to Northumberland County.

 Northumberland Hills Studio Tour

(This is a self-guided weekend excursion. There is no charge to visit any of 30+ studios & galleries.)

To help you do your planning and check out the artists go to:

 (There will be road signs, flags and more to direct you to each destination.)


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Location: Northumberland