Game of Horns: The Panto
Saturday 09 March 2019, 08:00pm
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Viking“A Viking Great Celebration”

Join Ontario Street Theatre and Dalewood as we host an evening to remember. Love to eat with your hands? Then this event is up your alley. Feast your eyes on the scrumptious dinner featuring individual cornish hens and other tasting Viking favourites. As you dine, you will be entertained by the Viking Horde. Make sure to wear your best beard and armour.

Who Will win the Viking crown?
Will it be you?

Come battle and cheer on your Viking kin!

A feast fit for a ruler! Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

March 9th, 8 pm,
The Not-So-Family Show
Adults only $65 - Tickets at Snap here.

This show adults only show will have a wider selection of food for the family style dinner, for more adult tastes.
Family version postponed

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Location: Dalewood Golf Club