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The Cobourg Internet site has two functions:

  1. It is the main site for the Cobourg based business Cobourg Internet which provides Internet web site design and hosting services for individuals and businesses in Cobourg.
  2. It provides information about the Town of Cobourg

Although every effort is made on an ongoing basis to keep the site up to date with changes that occur, no responsibility can be taken for any errors or omissions.

Geographic Coverage

Limits of coverage of Cobourg Internet's web site (particularly Cobourg and Web page, Entertainment and Calendar pages).

The site covers information about Cobourg but  the geographic limit in the East is Grafton, Baltimore in the north and Theatre Road in the West.

These geographic limits apply in particular to information on Entertainment on the Entertainment page and the Calendar.

Design of this web site

This site uses Joomla with a "responsive" template which means that it works well with any size display. It has been tested on Internet Explorer 11.0, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Chrome. An effort has been made to minimize limitations from using earlier browsers. Javascript has been used but is not essential and can be disabled if desired. 

Documents for download from this site are in Adobe Acrobat Reader format (.pdf suffix). If you do not yet have this free program, you can download it here from Adobe. (Be sure to uncheck Boxes asking for McAfee software).

Professional Services


Payment is for services, hosting or domains supplied and although every care is taken, no responsibility can be accepted for any loss of data or other damages. Payment is due when an Invoice has been presented. Payment may be by cash or cheque or on-line with most credit cards. In the event of an NSF cheque or non-payment, no further services will be supplied until payment has been received. Hosting may be discontinued if not paid for. 

For web site services, invoices will be issued at the end of the month and will include a detailed accounting for hours used plus any other costs. Time is charged at $30.00 per hour. Hosting and domains will be priced as shown here. Payment terms are net 7 but mailing delays and other extenuating circumstances are taken into account. Invoices are emailed.  Online payment requires a separate (additional) invoice using PayPal services and is available on request. All common credit cards are accepted.

Reliability of web site hosting services

Web site reliability, including availability of featured services (e.g. stats, e-mail, blogs) will be as good as is available in the market place in North America. Uptime is guaranteed to be 99.9% each month. More information on hosting is available here.


Users of Hosting provided by Cobourg Internet must not send spam. If anyone is found to have sent unsolicited emails, their service will be discontinued. If you have large volumes of mail (more than about 40 emails with the same message), you must use a third party email marketing service such as Mail Chimp or Constant Contact. All users are protected from incoming spam with "Mail Scanner".  Outgoing mail is limited to 250 emails per hour per domain.


In addition to the limits shown for the hosting plans, excessive cpu time and other abuses are monitored.  There is no specific limit on email size although emails larger than 20MB are discouraged.

Protection from Abuse

If an attempt is made to login to email or CPanel but is unsuccessful 5 times in succession, the IP address will be banned.  This can be resolved by contacting Cobourg Internet.


Information is not disclosed to any other party nor used for any other purpose. This includes mailing lists and other client specific information.  More in our Privacy Policy here.


Communicate with Cobourg Internet per information supplied here.


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