Your web site needs to look good, be easy to navigate and provide your visitors with all the information they were looking for.  This requires several things:

  1. An eye for what is attractive without being overwhelming; a creative streak that wants it right.
  2. Technical capability to implement whatever it is that is dreamt up - if you've seen it on the Internet, Cobourg Internet can do it.
  3. An understanding of what is practical, what works.  Good site organization and navigation is essential - good looking intros that cost a bundle don't do anything except impress how much you spent on the design. (People who commissioned Flash based front ends or entire sites are now misisng a large number of mobile visitors).  Not only must the site work, it must work well for all visitors, PC or MAC; Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari; high-speed or not; techie or not.
  4. An understanding of what brings visitors - what makes Google, Bing and Yahoo find your site,  This is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  This is best done during site design - not after when it may be too late.
  5. Visitors will have screens of all sizes so the site must be responsive - that is, adapt to screen size whether it be a large screen or a small phone.
  6. Sites must link to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and others that you might use.
  7. Minimize the use of Flash since it is incompatible with many phones and tablets.

You get all this with Cobourg Internet - have a look at some existing sites here.  Ask any of these customers.  The more recent ones use Joomla which meets all these needs plus also provides an admin access for clients to make their own changes.

If you are knowledgeable about web site design, you will know how long it takes to do various things. For example, original graphics take a long time so are relatively expensive. However, when you consider that introductory movies and extensive graphics are not used in the biggest and most used sites (except perhaps by advertisers), then you wonder why you need to spend money on these items. Sites like the major banks, Google and Yahoo - all keep it simple. However too little can be boring too so most of our sites use JavaScript and some use HTML5 movies and PHP to improve the visitor experience. Note that great care is taken to minimize spam and other security problems. I design useful, low cost sites - and end up with happy customers. Have a look at my sites for examples, I think you'll find them attractive.

Tools used

I have a high powered Dell computer with a colour calibrated NEC Monitor.   I have a separate external hard drive for daily local backups.  Power is secured by an APC UPS. A scanner and two printers complete the hardware.

Software includes

  • Dreamweaver CS5 for HTML coding
  • Photoshop CS5 for creating and editing graphics.
  • Ipswitch WS-FTP pro for uploading the site
  • Read Iris Pro for OCR
  • Microsoft Office including Publisher and Access.
  • Miscellaneous utilities for editing, format changing etc


There are two ways generally used for pricing in the industry.  One is to spend time up front specifying the scope and quoting a fixed price to that scope.  I would prefer to do that since it is low stress not having to hurry or count the minutes.  Instead, I charge by the hour - measured in 5 minute increments.

The hourly rate for Cobourg Internet is $30 per hour. Invoices include a detailed listing of work done and time taken.

If you have your own graphics or photos, these can be incorporated at a low cost.

However, if you want an idea of costs, the following should give you some idea.

Typical Site Costs:

  •  A single page - your own domain name, set up, layout of your text, links, adding a couple of your photos:
    Host (Standard plan) $108, Domain $20, Design (3 hours) $90. Total $218 for first year, $128 for subsequent years with no changes.
  • Four or five pages - your own domain name, 1 to 10 e-mail addresses, set up, layout of your text, all navigation, links, full statistics:
    Host (Prime plan) $138, Domain $20, Design (8 hours) $240. Total $398 for first year, $158 for subsequent years with no changes.


Search Engine submission and Optimization (SEO) is included.

Getting lots of traffic is important, and we can help - one very important item is to make sure Google finds your site easily.

Many web designers will tell you that there needs to be a lot of work done to make the site visible and/or popular with Search Engines but techniques that worked some years ago such as adding meta keywords no longer have any effect. The fact is that sites should be designed from the beginning with SEO in mind and that's what we do.

Sites by Cobourg Internet

As well as this site, have a look at some of the other Web Sites designed and maintained by Cobourg Internet here.

Cobourg Internet will design a web site for you and make sure that Google and other search engines find it quickly.

Update your own site

There are basically two ways to do this:

  1. Learn how to create a site - essentially learn how to do what I do although perhaps on a simpler level.  Some clients have taken this approach but some others who have tried it find it more efficient to get me to do the work.
  2. Use a CMS (Content Managed System).  This must be done when the site is first created - the site is built using:
  • Joomla - Although Word Press can also be used, I find Joomla so much better that all my new sites now use Joomla.  I keep it updated for no extra charge; the current version of Joomla is 3.6.5.  This site ( uses Joomla.  Note that if you want to buld your own site from scratch or want a stand-alone blog, Word Press will probably suit better but then you don't need my help except for hosting.

Client Information


To keep Cobourg Internet Clients up to date, articles are posted here. Subjects include viewing traffic statistics, new features available, search engine optimization, spam management and more. In addition, a support page lists many of the documents required.


Invoices are issued monthly at month end.

Pay Invoices Online

If would like to pay by Credit card, let me know. When I email your invoice, it will include a PayPal Pay Now button which takes you to PayPal's secure site. They accept Amex, Visa and Mastercard as well as PayPal account payments. Available only for emailed invoices.

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