As reported last August, the Town of Cobourg decided that Town Crier and Drum Major Tom MacMillan had such a big role in Cobourg and such a large place in the hearts of the citizens of Cobourg that it was decided to strike an ad hoc committee to choose a suitable way of commemorating Tom in the town for the indefinite future.  Citizens have suggested a number of ways ranging from renaming a street (Second street) to having a statue commissioned and more recently, to having the new CDCI East School named after him.  While all these have merits, the decision of what the memorial will be is to be announced at the Mayor's levee at 2:00pm in Victoria Hall on January 1, 2014.

The members of the ad hoc committee are:

Since this is a committee of the Town of Cobourg, it has no jurisdiction over schools and their names but there is no reason why the school cannot ALSO be named after Tom.  The School board is looking for suggestions so if anyone wants to suggest the school be named "Tom Macmillan", they should download the form from the School board site.