Arxx Building Products (originally called AAB) at 800 Division street makes Insulated Concrete Forms - that is, forms and technology that allowed a new, better way to build houses. But now, this will disappear since they have [effectively although not officially] declared bankruptcy and are in receivership.  They employ 20 people and so far, 3 staff in their sales and administration office have been let go.

ARXX Building ProductsThe web site of ARXX features projects across North America and their product has been well received.  But economics obviously were not in their favour.  In May 2012, they put their premises up for lease but told Valerie MacDonald of Northumberland Today that:

"We will always have a Cobourg presence … but the building is just too big for the 20 people in it," president Gael Mourant said.
The 10,600-square-foot building is for lease, she said. Depending on what a potential leasee should need, will determine what options ARXX will consider for its future location, Mourant explained.

"We're open minded. We haven't decided where we're going (to be located)," she said, other than the long-time company is not abandoning the area.

There are licensed contractors in the area who install the specialized, insulation building foundations which are like rigid insulation forms held in place by braces, then filled with concrete and steel reinforcing bars. The resulting form is strong, moderates internal heat and cold in buildings and the walls are easily finished.

Over the years, the company has hosted international guests researching their unique building techniques including contingents from Japan and Saudi Arabia.

There has been company restructuring over the past few years [my emphasis] resulting in more space than needed for staff in Cobourg.

As of today (Dec 12, 2013), there is no sign of any other tenant in the building (see photo) and there is no "for lease" sign out front.

The building is at 800 Division street next door to Home Hardware on the north side (of Home Hardware). Looks like the receiver will be looking after the building.

Meanwhile, about 165 unionized workers at Horizon Plastics are unhappy and have taken a strike vote to back contract demands. They have been without a collective agreement since November but the union and the company will sit down tomorrow (Dec 13) with a conciliation officer appointed by the Ministry of Labour.  No strike deadline has been set.  There was talk earlier about job security given that Horizon Plastics now has a plant in Mexico but the company has said that this would not affect local jobs.  I hope the workers realise that they are lucky to have a job at all - especially one in manufacturing.


December 18, 2013

Per comment below, ARXX is not officially bankrupt although to the layman and in colloquial, non-accounting/legal terms they might be described that way.  Thanks to Greg for the clarification. Clarification in brackets [] in text above has now been added.  I personally hope that a suitable buyer is found and that the employees and products have a future.