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Radio station 107.9 the Breeze reported on Facebook at 7:00am that downed hydro lines, trees, and transformer fires are keeping things hopping for emergency crews. There is a good chance this system will start to move out around noon. Roads are very icy and slushy. It's reported a large majority of Cobourg is without power and most of Port Hope is without power. There are two gas leaks on the go in Port Hope in the John and Walton and Ontario and Walton Street area. Crews have that area blocked off.

Earlier 107.9 reports:

  • 5:00am Hydro line down across the road on Telephone Road just east of Hamilton Road!
  • 1:00am Possible electrical house fire at County Rd 45 and Danforth Rd. Please make room emergency vehicles!!
  • 1:00am Gas leak at the Fleming Building in Cobourg! Police on scene waiting for utilities to arrive! (There were also gas leaks in Port Hope).
  • 11:00pm Power out in Baltimore
  • 10:00pm Lines are sagging at head level University east of D'arcy in Cobourg avoid the area.
  • 8:00pm A tree has fallen on a parked vehicle with 5 occupants in Grafton. No one was injured including a pregnant woman.

Other reports

  • Power at our place was off from around 10:50pm to around 11:25pm last night.  There were then intermittent outages through the night.
  • The  Mall Theatre cancelled the shows at 9:10 and 9:20pm due to the weather and road conditions.
  • Small Town Radio Transmitter has again shut down due to icing.  Their Internet transmission also stopped when Cobourg lost power and had not resumed by the morning.

The only source of news that I found during the storm was 107.9 The Breeze News.  A great job on their part. Their sister station 93.3 had the same information.

Ice Storm Cobourg Dec 22 ~9:00amUpdate 10:00am Dec 22

  • The Cobourg Community Centre is closed until further notice.  All Hockey programs cancelled today.
  • The Go Transit Lakeshore East line is closed today.
  • Northumberland Mall Theatre is closed today (Sunday)

Update 10:30am Dec 22

  • Downtown Cobourg is officially open although some stores will be closed.  "Parking lots icy" - that probably means a solid covering of ice.  DBIA reports that many sidewalks have been cleared (salted?). Roads are definitely being salted but it will take a while.  See photo at right at 9:00am from DBIA Facebook.

Update 11:00am Dec 22

  • The Memorial Arena is closed and all of today's hockey games cancelled.
  • The Concerts at Victoria Hall by the Concert Band of Cobourg scheduled for 2:00pm and 7:00pm have both been cancelled.

Update 12:30pm Dec 22

Mostly closures

  • Bethesda South United Church on Dale Rd. Christmas Concert has been cancelled
  • Salvation Army Cobourg Services Canceled
  • Trinity United Church Services in Cobourg Cancelled today
  • Fellowship Baptist Church services have been cancelled for the day
  • Small Town Radio Internet streaming is now online (although poor quality). Transmitter is still off the air.

Typical Cobourg Driveway - Dec 22

Ice Storm Cobourg

Update 23 December 2013 11:45am

  • The Cobourg Community Centre is now open.  Power was restored this morning after being out for over 24 hours.  Zumba classes have been cancelled for today.  Ice should be ready for tonight.
  • Most businesses are now open and most power has been restored with only a few isolated cases of homes without power. Call Lakefront Utilities Services Inc. at 905-372-2193 if you still have a problem.
  • Small Town radio is operating normally online but is still not transmitting.
  • Port Hope still has a large number of people without power - 500 in Ward 1.  Ward 2 restoration should be completed by around 6:00pm. Dec 24.


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