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As reported on this site on 21st November, Sean Walpole is planning to open a micro-brewery at the corner of William and University avenue. He has bought the building, ordered equipment and is renovating the space to allow brewing and selling on the site (see plan below).

A report in Northumberland News says that he will have a three-barrel system with an annual output of 200 barrels. Below is a photo of his planned labels – his first two brands to be released will be Cliff Top Pale Ale and North Shore Blonde. His blog lists some of the work he has had to do but in his interview with Northumberland News (print version only) he says that the response from the Town of Cobourg has been one of excitement and looking forward to the business to succeed.

“There’s no problems, there’s just solutions which is not something you usually get from government offices anywhere,” he said.

Sean said that he hoped to have the brewery operational by March 1st.



Brewery plan


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