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The Provincial Government has announced a contribution of $125,000 to Cobourg's Downtown Vitalization program.  At the same time, Jeff Leals, Ministry of Rural Affairs and MPP for Peterborough also announced $100,000 for Port Hope's similar program.

The announcement included funding to:

  1. Jeff Leal Rural AffairsDevelop a master plan, including a comprehensive survey of local heritage sites, to help create a revitalized downtown core that reflects the town's identity
  2. Design a web-based virtual tour to attract new residents and potential developers
  3. Generate a plan to innovate and revitalize arts and culture destinations in the downtown

These items are key planks in the Vitalization plan recently released. However, in budget deliberations, Donna Todd voted to remove item 2 from the Town's budget.  Does today's announcement mean that this will be funded from the provincial money?  Donna's ill-thought out move would gut the plan but the province thinks it's important enough to highlight in their announcement.

Mayor Gil Brocanier commented:

“In 2013, I attended a roundtable organized by the Minister of Rural Affairs to discuss how the government can support rural Ontario. This funding announcement not only demonstrates the province’s commitment to rural Ontario, but will help Cobourg revitalize its downtown and promote long-term economic growth.”

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