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In the 2014 budget, money was approved to proceed with the Downtown Vitalization plan.  In addition, the Province supplied $125,000 and in the April 3rd edition of Northumberland Today, Deputy Mayor Stan Frost gave details of exactly what would be done.  Note that this is in addition to Marina, parking and any other plans for the town.

Downtown Vitalization moves into Implementation Stage

Stan Frost

There are a number of aspects to this initiative but the main objective is to support and improve the success of our downtown business community and to address preservation of our built heritage. The downtown streetscape I feel is fundamental to the character and culture of our town.

Stan FrostStan FrostThe information collection/assessment and planning phases of this project are now complete. With the approval of the 2014 budget and with the recent funding announcement by the province we are now ready to move into implementation. It is an important fact that the province has committed $125,000 to the Town of Cobourg to help fund this vital project from the Rural Economic Development (RED) program.

Some of the physical improvements we will see shortly include:

  • Lighting improvements along King Street
  • Upgrades to the Henley Arcade
  • Improvements to signage including way finding.

Through the same program Cobourg will launch a community improvement initiative that will:

  • Develop a master plan, including a comprehensive survey of local heritage sites, to help create a revitalized downtown core that reflects the town's identity.
  • Design a web-based virtual tour to attract new residents and potential developers.
  • Generate a plan to innovate and revitalize arts and culture destinations in the downtown.

There are 14 individual sub-projects that make up the vitalization effort.

We are very thankful for the support we have received from the province to help carry out this significant undertaking.

Let's hope that these steps will make the downtown more attractive and more businesses will open up.  When they do, they will be reported on here.

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