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The first draft of a plan for the land around the Community Centre will be presented to Council’s Committee of the Whole meeting on Sept 8th, 2014.  This is the result of a consultant’s study but does not yet include input from the community or feedback from Council and Town Staff.  However, the draft/initial plan has a lot of detail. It looks good but no costs are discussed.

The consultant was asked to:

  • Explore how to make the CCC Campus a more comprehensive, multi-use facility that will serve the broader range of sports, recreation and culture.
  • How to better manage its parks and recreation services in a more consolidated approach.
  • Prepare a strategic Development Plan to use as a guide in developing commercial, recreational & cultural opportunities and facilities within the CCC Campus.
  • Establish a comprehensive recreation model that will enhance the diversity of use afforded to residents & visitors.


  • Maintain option for swimming pool addition to CCC
  • Space for offices, support services, public washrooms in new or modified buildings
  • Number of parking spaces the same or increased
  • Add therapeutic pools, 2 Horseshoe Pitches, 6 Pickleball Courts
  • 2 new Full Size, Multi-Sport, Artificial Turf Fields with lights and spectator seating
  • Potential to enclose one field for winter use, or build permanent Field House
  • Improved access roads (loop)
  • New Micro/Mini Fields
  • 1/3 kilometer walking loop
  • Playgrounds, small water play feature, Picnic areas
  • Enhance access to ball diamonds
  • Basketball Court
  • Skateboard Park
  • Micro Soccer Field, Ultimate Frisbee Field
  • Sports / Marathon staging area
  • Portable stage for small concerts & cultural events
  • Hard surface plaza space to support events

The consultant says that the next steps are:

  • Revise Master Plan as needed based on input from Community, Staff and Committee of the Whole.
  • Identify potential phases for construction.
  • Prepare and submit final report.

Below is the ”Master plan” with detailed legend. ("Enlarging" may not help since larger version adjusts to monitor size - a link to a larger pdf is included below).

CCC Master Plan Sept 2014


  • New formal ring road to sports fields and parking lots
  • New pedestrian paths safely linking facilities
  • Clear wayfinding signage for both pedestrian & vehicular traffic
  • Continuous perimeter trail connects to municipal sidewalk on D'Arcy Street north and south of CCC campus, high quality surface, 3m wide, optional fitness stations along trail; lights along trail
  • Path & trail connections to south and east adjacent land
  • Central Community Plaza with ability to temporarily close road during events at Community Green
  • New bridge over Brook Creek at children's play areas
  • Parking count maintained and re-distributed to better support the peak use times at CCC and all sports fields


  • Decommission and remove Building 19 (building south-west of CCC) & relocate tenants /uses to town buildings west side of D'Arcy Street
  • Maintain option for swimming pool addition to CCC
  • Maintain and retrofit Building 18 (building south-east of CCC) as Sports Centre Hub to include: offices for sports clubs, associations or support services such as physiotherapy; access to services to potential field house enclosure of new artificial turf field; indoor seniors' activity space; indoor youth activity space; public washrooms; indoor support space for community green
  • New size-appropriate sun shelters at play areas, fields and youth activity area


  • Future therapeutic pools addition
  • 2 Horseshoe Pitches outside north of building
  • Additional parking east of building
  • 6 Pickleball Courts at east end of additional parking; can be restricted to parking when courts are in use and open for parking at other times


  • Close road and add cul-de-sac with emergency vehicle access only
  • Provide pedestrian link from Alexandria Drive to CCC Campus


  • 2 Full Size, Multi-Sport, Artificial Turf Fields with lights oriented north / south, spectator seating
  • Potential to enclose one field for winter use, or build permanent Field House
  • Path and trail connects to future sports fields to the east
  • New Micro/Mini Fields
  • New washroom building near east fields and picnic area


  • 1/3 kilometer walking loop
  • Outdoor fitness equipment in stations at regular intervals along the trail


  • Playgrounds with equipment for various ages
  • Picnic areas
  • New bridge over Brook Creek
  • Small water play feature


  • Relocate batting cage near Layton Dodge Field #2
  • Reconfigure/formalize parking lot with clearly defined parking spaces to maximize # of cars; construct stable parking surface; design effective storm water management; add shade trees
  • Path from ball diamonds to play area
  • Drop-off area near entrance (players and equipment delivery)
  • New recognition signage at entrance


  • Basketball Court
  • Skateboard Park
  • Link to sports and Community Activities Building


  • Parking lot south of Ring Road
  • Existing field remains as-is


  • Micro Soccer Field
  • Ultimate Frisbee Field
  • Sports / Marathon staging area
  • Portable stage for small concerts & cultural events
  • Hard surface plaza space to support events

Any changes or decisions made by Council as a result of the presentation will be added to this article after Monday night's meeting.

Download the plan in a 11”X 17” pdf here (includes legend).

Update from Committee of the Whole Meeting - Sept 8, 2014

The consultant made a presentation and made clear the following:

  • The plan is "very preliminary" and "almost call it a draft"
  • Timeline is not known or fixed
  • Costs are not known and will not be estimated as part of this project.  They are "not part of the mandate".
  • Public input received so far has been incorporated but more public input will be solicited.

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