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At the Council Committee of the Whole meeting, the Council was asked to agree to a site plan for a new building on Elgin between the Lions Centre and St Joseph’s School (which is on the corner of D’Arcy Street).  The building is intended for Medical Offices – which we all assume will be doctors but could equally well be Optometrists, Dentists, Physiotherapists or others.  The location is currently vacant land and drawings of the new building show it to look like a large single storey bungalow.  Seemed attractive enough. No mention if parking would be free.

The big differences will be the sign out front plus a large parking lot on the East side.  The picture shows the land as it is now.

163 Elgin EastMy count of current “Medical Offices” for Doctors in Cobourg is:

Fleming Building
1005 Elgin Street West

King Street Medical Centre
316 King Street East, #203 (Opposite CCI)

Cobourg Clinic
44 University Ave East

Cobourg Medical Centre
1060 Burnham St # 5 (Just south of 401)

Some doctors are located only at the Hospital – this site (Ontario Doctor Directory) lists 47 doctors in Cobourg including those only at the Hospital.  I find that hard to believe – I thought we still had a shortage - although maybe people come from miles around to Cobourg’s Doctors?

In addition there are physiotherapists, opticians, dentists, chiropractors, naturopaths, massage therapists, reflexologists, footcare specialists and locations where heart and other specialists make occasional stops in Cobourg.   Some of these practitioners are in locations that don’t seem ideal – obviously the numbered company (1665891 Ontario Limited) sees an opportunity.  The council agreed to proceed.


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