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The Market building was setup to be the location where results woiuld be issued at 8:15 - and by 7:45 it was filled to overflowing with candidates, supporters, citizens and news media including TV Cogeco with Dave Glover and York Bell-Smith waiting to interview successful candidates.  At just after 8:30pm, the results were posted all at once (details below).  Gil Brocanier was re-elected Mayor by a good margin as was John Henderson for Deputy Mayor.  Incumbent councillors Forrest Rowden and Larry Sherwin were voted back but there are three new councillors: Brian Darling, Theresa Rickerby and Debra McCarthy.  People who voted for the significant changes promised by Miriam Mutton, Paul Pagnuelo and Don Kirkup will be disappointed as will fans of Donna Todd.  The big question: will the new council make the changes that are wanted?  All elected Candidates seem to acknowledge that the two big issues are Downtown vitalization and a Harbour for all.  It will be interesting to see what changes.


Gil Brocanier 4028
Don Kirkup 1799
Miriam Mutton 1825

Deputy Mayor
John Henderson 3199
Paul Pagnuelo 2192
Donna Todd 2057
Dave Black 1455  
Aaron Burchart   2022  
Brian Darling   4739 1
Wayne Deveau 2720  
John Lee 1034  
Gudrun Ludorf-Weaver 1547  
Debra McCarthy 3850 4
Bruce J. Penning 449  
Johnny Percolides 1269  
Theresa Rickerby 4660 2
Forrest Rowden 3869 3
Larry Sherwin   3822 5

At 5:00pm the voter turnout was already relatively high at 47% so a final 50% is expected.

In school Board voting, incumbent Trustees Gord Gilchrist and Jaie Klassen Jeninga were re-elected to the English Public School Board.

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Cogeco TV - waitingForrest Rowden

Theresa Rickerby Debra McCarthy


Larry Sherwin John Henderson with Cogeco


In Toronto, the Ford Nation did surprisingly well but democracy worked and Doug came second with 33.7% of the votes.  John Tory won with a good margin at 40.3%.  Olivia Chow was third with 23.1% and none of the others got more than 0.4%.

Nearby Towns

Marc Coombs re-elected Mayor in Cramahe
Mark Lovshin re-elected Mayor of Hamilton
Mark Walas re-elected in Brighton
Bob Sanderson was elected Mayor of Port Hope
The new mayor of Alnwick/Haldimand is John Logel

Update 29 October 2014

The voter turnout in Cobourg was 52.4%

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