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It did not seem to be too interesting but it was worth going if only to see the exit blast from Miriam Mutton.  The second agenda item was a motion to award a tender for the work on the short Kerr Street stub for the Home Hardware project on Division Street. Miriam asked a number of questions about the proposed work  and CAO Stephen Peacock deferred a response to Theresa Behan, Manager of Engineering Services who was present.  Theresa answered the questions but then Miriam declared that Theresa should not have answered since it was a conflict of interest.  Theresa's husband (Tom Behan) owns Behan Construction who is the winner of the tender for the work.

Forrest Rowden defended Theresa by saying that she was not involved in the opening or awarding of the tenders but Miriam did not let go - she said that Theresa should not even be commenting on these technical issues in a public meeting.  After that, Stephen Peacock answered additional questions and Theresa said nothing.  Needless to say, Miriam voted against awarding the tender. As to the high cost of the work, Peacock said it was because of the significant "underground" work. Miriam's chief criticism was that the work was "temporary" and was really just a driveway for Home Hardware.  The work would be done during the winter but Miriam suggested that a better solution would be for construction vehicles to access via Ewart Street.  It seemed that Miriam thought she was more of an expert on Engineering than Engineering manager Theresa Behan and the town's engineering department.

For more on the Agenda of this meeting, go here.

Stan Frost retirementThe Council meeting was attended by all the current councillors with the exception of Larry Sherwin.  At the end, Forrest presented Stan Frost with a pair of caps as a "retirement gift".

For this special meeting, newly elected councillors Thereas Rickerby and Debra McCarthy were there as well as losing candidate Aaron Burchat and others (sorry if I did not get them all).  The meeting was in the Citizens' Forum since the usual council chambers were still inaccessible because of the elevator work and the Concert hall was busy with preparation for a show.  Because of this, there were no microphones and the gallery was given limited space.

The fourth item on the agenda was a request to re-classify the property at 321 John Street as not being a "property of Cultural Heritage Value and Interest".  Once again Miriam disagreed with the recommendation from the people selected to be experts - the Heritage Advisory Committee - and ignored John Henderson's detailed explanation of why the recommendations should be followed.  However, although she voted against the motion, she lost.

You have to give Miriam credit for consistency and persistence but it's not hard to see why she was not elected mayor.  Sorry Miriam - perception is everything.


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