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It seems to have taken years for the property at 2 King St. East to be renovated – it’s only recently that the scaffolding was taken down.  It was used by workmen removing the paint.   I was told that this process took so long because once the paint was removed, the brickwork would be exposed to damage by the weather and a coating had to be applied to protect it but that could only be done when the temperature was within a narrow range.  The coating is supposed to be good for 40 years.  But now, the property is being marketed – although I think more renovation will be required before there are any takers.

The property is listed by Toronto based MacDane Property Management - it’s not just 2 King St but from 2 to 12 King Street which goes as far as the Kenneth Bell Store (now up for sale). The ground floor will be commercial – stores and offices – but the second and third floors will be refurbished as apartments.  This was the original use of these floors.

2 King St EastThe location is prime and with a bit more work (perhaps a lot more), these would be in high demand.  The development has been given the name “Cobourg Village Square” and the Property manager’s description sounds great:

Located in the heart of Cobourg’s charming downtown district, and situated at one of Cobourg’s busiest street corners on the northeast corner of King Street and Division Street, where exciting downtown events are an often occurrence. Transit stops adjacent to the building add to the accessibility for customers and employees to the site. Cobourg Village Square boasts a delightful exterior appearance, which makes it one of the most attractive and noticeable buildings in Cobourg’s downtown core.

Cobourg Village Square is surrounded by various attractive features, which effectively serve to compliment an office/retail location in the building. It is steps away from Cobourg Marina, government offices, new lakeside condominium developments, city style shopping and many other great amenities.

The listing photo was taken before the paint was removed and even today, the second and third floor are exposed to the weather (open or missing windows).

It seems they are waiting for potential tenants before making further improvements.  The listing finishes with:

Inside, office and retail suites can be custom designed by our in-house construction staff to suit the needs of Cobourg Village Square tenants. Ample parking is available at Cobourg Village Square for customers and employees.

Don Kirkup’s “for Lease” sign is still on the building.  Is he helping the Property Management company? MacDane also manages Apartments at 50 Cavan St in Port Hope.  Now that the paint has been removed, it is an attractive Heritage building.  Let’s hope it does not take too long to get it occupied.