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Today's levee was a chance to meet all the new council except Theresa Rickerby who was on vacation with her family.  The others were there and many of the crowd managed to speak to their favourite councillors about their hot topic.  Mayor Gil Brocanier gave his equivalent of a “state of the union speech” although did not say anything really new.   But the big news was that the Mayor introduced Mandy Robinson as the selected candidate for a new Town Crier.  She was dressed in a costume rented for the occasion, demonstrated her skill at the job and was well received by everyone in attendance – Bert MacMillan gave her a public welcome.  Mandy’s new costume has been designed and will be ready in a month or two and she will be officially approved at the Council meetings on January 5th and 12th.

The Concert band performed and was in good form - they almost had people dancing for one number!  Cobourg’s Poet Laureate Ted Amsden read his Poem for the occasion -   a tribute to Tom MacMillan which moved Bert MacMillan to give him a public “thank you” hug. 

The Town first had a town crier when Tom MacMillan was appointed in 1990.  Tom essentially defined the role and established a high standard for Town Crier since he took no compensation and volunteered his services for many non-official events such as openings of businesses and special private events like anniversaries.  Mandy will put her own mark on the job.

Town Criers write the texts used themselves and are seen as public figures and representatives of the Town.  As an accomplished “toastmistress”, and with a commanding voice, Mandy should have no trouble taking on the role.  She was chosen by a committee headed by the Mayor and was one of several who submitted applications for the job.  After a review of her impressive resume and a demonstration of her skills in the old Bailey Courtroom in Victoria Hall,  Mandy was the selected candidate.  Her nomination will be formally approved by Council at the Committee of the Whole meeting January 5th and the regular Council meeting on January 12th.

Her “job description” includes the following:

The duties of the Town Crier will include researching, preparing and calling out proclamations specifically related to the civic event or ceremony and for arranging appointments and attendance at the booked events.

The Town Crier acts as a civic ceremonial ambassador for the Town of Cobourg. The Town Crier attends formal events, ceremonies and civic meetings at the request of the Mayor during the tenure of their appointment to promote, announce and celebrate life in Cobourg.

The Town Crier will be invited to participate at the Inaugural Meeting of all newly elected Councils and will be present and will prepare a proclamation relevant to the ceremony or civic event at the following public events each year:

  • Mayor's New Year's Day Levy Ringing In Ceremony (January 1st)
  • Annual Civic and Community Awards (April)
  • Canada Day (July 1st)
  • James Cockburn Day (Saturday of Long Weekend August)
  • Town of Cobourg Day (October)
  • selected non-annual civic ceremonies or official functions such as the opening of new businesses, buildings, parks, festival or events, the installation ceremonies for public art, the official greeting of visiting dignitaries, significant retirements or milestones reached by Cobourg citizens; or any other Town of Cobourg ceremonial or civic event by invitation of the Mayor conditional upon availability with advance notification.

Town Crier will serve as an advocate for Cobourg's heritage and culture; bringing the effect of Town Crier's role into all aspects of the community including but not limited to the Town of Cobourg Council and Victoria Hall.

The Town Crier will be expected to participate in the strong and thriving cultural life of the Town of Cobourg; and is free to determine which specific municipal activities will be pursued in this area including private ceremonial events in consultation with the Mayor.

The appointment would be for the four year term of the council with renewals expected by later councils.  The town supplies the uniform and $500 per year towards expenses and requires that the Town crier permit use of her photo etc. in publicity.

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Concert Band at New Year's Levee - 2015Concert Band


Mandy Robinson Giving a "Cry"


Mayor Brocanier, Mandy Robinson, Bert MacMillan Ted Amsden


Cobourg Levee - Jan 1 2015 Mandy Robinson


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