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Using Federal money for “a Seniors project”, Seniors Activity staff at the Cobourg Community Centre hired a consultant to develop a Seniors Action Plan.  The results were presented at a Council meeting on January 26, 2015 and although the report is mostly about things that would be labelled “we already knew that”, there are a couple of items buried in the report that might get public resistance (more below). The intent is not dramatic, the first bullet point says: “Provide a framework for Town of Cobourg staff and officials to guide decision making”.  However, the full report does spell out some recommendations.  At the Council meeting on February 23, Council accepted the report and will also pursue getting further grants as recommended.

The two recommendations that need to be looked at are the following:

  • Consider including roles or representation from or by non-resident participants to ensure adequate representation by actual users and engagement by keen volunteers. (Page 9 of report). Under Implementation Plan, this is listed as medium priority and requires “Council Consideration”.  [Actual input from seniors was the question as to “why are Cobourg Taxpayers providing services for non-taxpayers?” There’s no easy answer to that.]
  • The Town of Cobourg should consider on-going implications of 2 separate Senior Facilities to ensure fiscal responsibility, minimal service duplication and clarity regarding leadership. (Page 13 of report). Under Implementation Plan, this is listed as requiring “Council Consideration”.   [To spell this out:  Why do we have seniors activities at the market building and also at the Community Centre?  Is this a turf war?]

To be fair, neither of these was specially highlighted and they are also in non-confrontational language (“consider”).  Note that the expectation of needing “Council Consideration” recognizes the political sensitivity.

Most of the rest of the report was motherhood stuff about working with other groups, understanding needs, trying to provide services that keep Seniors healthy etc.  The good news is that the Town recognises that the activity needs of Seniors need to be managed properly.

Download the full report here (pdf).

Download the Presentation to Council here (pdf of Powerpoint).


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