Initial work on the Heritage Master plan has now been completed and a report released.  It incorporates community feedback and is a good indication of what the final plan will look like (or should look like).  The vision statement for the plan is: “To conserve and enhance cultural heritage resources within the Town of Cobourg, and manage change so that the community can continue to grow in keeping with the heritage character of Cobourg while also preserving the vibrant small-town feel.”  Doesn’t say much but the latest document does have some meat in it.

The report released is titled: Town of Cobourg Heritage Master Plan Background Reportit can be downloaded here.

The “themes” to be covered in the final report are:

  • Significant cultural heritage resources are to be protected and conserved over the long term.
  • The small-town character of Cobourg (typified by the commercial core, low rise development, comfortable streetscapes, and mix of land uses) is important to maintain and enhance.
  • Having downtown as the economic and cultural hub of the Town of Cobourg is important to the survival of the small-town character.
  • The waterfront is a significant defining feature of the community, a critical link to the downtown, and an important recreational area.
  • While individual buildings and properties are important to be conserved, the broader character of the streetscape and neighbourhoods are equally important to retain.
  • Investment and new development should be encouraged and facilitated where it is compatible with the character of the surrounding area.

Looks good.

In the next step, Phase Two, the Heritage Master Plan will be completed and will presumably and hopefully define how to achieve these goals by managing cultural heritage resources. These are defined as “buildings, structures, features or areas of architectural, historical or archeological interest including cemeteries and unmarked burials and urban districts and cultural heritage landscapes." 

According to the Town’s Press Release, “a draft version of the Heritage Master Plan is scheduled to be completed and released for public review and comment later this fall with the final plan brought forward for Cobourg Council's review in the spring.”


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