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For many years, Victoria Park was lit up with Christmas lights on trees and in the Bandshell - but no more.  Starting this year, they will be spread along a route going down King Street from Victoria Park to Victoria Hall, then down Second Street to Rotary Park and the Marina.   Second Street will be closed for the opening Christmas Magic event on November 20 and DBIA merchants will be encouraged to not only be open for that event but to set up booths on Second Street.

Lights in Victoria Park - 2007Lights in Victoria Park - 2007The announcement of this change was made by Councillor Debra McCarthy at a short Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday night.  The "public" audience at the meeting consisted of four news media people and one other citizen.  It seems the Federal Election and the Blue Jays game were more interesting.

Planning of this change has been happening for a while but has been kept under wraps until now.  Tourism Coordinator Erin Wakely is planning to advise Bus operators who often plan tours of Cobourg to "see the Christmas Lights".  As a minimum, they will have to change their route - they will also be asked if they would consider stopping in the Town so we get some benefit from the drive through tourists.

Debra was pleased with the change - she said the trees in Victoria Park were suffering and that the move would bring move focus to Downtown.

The Christmas Magic Event - otherwise known as "Christmas lights On" - will start at Victoria Hall as usual on November 20 then move down Second Street to Rotary Park where there will be a large tree with lights.

Update - Official Press release

The Town of Cobourg released an Official Press release at 11:00am today (Oct 21, 2015) and it gives details of the November 20 event although not about the lights along King Street that Debra McCarthy mentioned in her announcement at the Council meeting.  It's possible that the King Street lights will be a joint DBIA and Town responsibility so will be managed separately.

The Press Release describes the tree on the Esplanade:

The steel-framed tree will stand more than 22 feet tall in the centre of the Esplanade with 4,000 lights and a sparkling star topper. 

It goes on to describe the lighting up event:

Entering into its 20th season, Christmas Magic traditionally begins with the 'Lighting Up Ceremony' on November 20, 2015 taking place at Victoria Hall, 55 King Street West. Anyone attending the celebration is encouraged to bring a non-perishable food item for the Fare Share Food Bank in exchange for a glow wand. Christmas music will begin to play at 6:15 p.m. followed by a warm welcome from Councillor Debra McCarthy shortly before Victoria Hall is lit up with thousands of sparkling lights.
Following Councillor McCarthy's welcome a 'lighted' walk will begin at 6:30 p.m. down Second Street, around the Rotary Harbourfront Rink and along the Esplanade where the crowd will gather for Cobourg's first official tree lighting at 7 p.m. Mayor Gil Brocanier will lead the countdown towards the lighting of the tree. The atmosphere will be set with festive music and a special guest appearance from Santa Claus who will be there with free hot chocolate and cookies.

Download the full release here.


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