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Lara Scott today enthusiastically described to the media her vision for the new Christmas lights.  No doubt partly prompted by early resistance to the change – including a petition – she explained in more detail exactly what was planned.  First, the lights will not be along King Street – lights there (and on Albert and Division) will be the “Sprays” used last year.  But Christmas lights will go down McGill from King to Queen and although there will be virtually none in Victoria Park, they will be at the West end of the Trailer Park.  Like last year, there will be over 100,000 LED lights but because they are LEDs, the total cost of power for them for the season will be $72.

They are assembled by volunteer labour who expect to put in 700 hours on the task. The town will also supply boom trucks where required to reach the high spots. Coordination and planning is being done by Carrie Bouchard under the direction of Lara who is Cobourg's Tourism Events Coordinator.  Lara said that to ensure people know about the change, signs will be erected near Victoria Park pointing to the new locations.

Lights mapLights map - click to enlargeApart from the idea that “the trees could do with a break – especially their tops”, it’s thought that the Esplanade is a better location.  Debra McCarthy said that the area was “planned for events from the get go”.  An Esplanade location means that it integrates well with First Night which has recently centered on the Esplanade for viewing the Fireworks.  It would also be better for bus routes; they can drive down Second Street – which is only closed when the lights are first turned on - and end up driving along the Esplanade.  Lara confirmed that she has contacted all the bus companies.

Local residents were not consulted about this change but they will be sent letters advising them.  As well as a large tree at the centre, aloing the Esplanade there will be 100 additional temporary trees about 9-10 ft high that will be lit.

Another major feature will be the lights on the trees over the creek at the south end of Rotary Park (photo bottom left).There will also be illuminated deer and bunnies. Snow clearing in Rotary Park will be enhanced to make sure pathways are kept clear. Lara expects that kids will love the whole thing. Santa will make an appearance at the corner of Division and the Esplanade - with Trailer Park lights on one side and Esplanade lights on the other. 

Several buildings will also be lit – the Marina Building, Centennial Pool and some in the Trailer Park.

Lara Scott (photo bottom right) has a map that is being used to plan the project and the map at top right is a simplified version but hopefully accurate.

rotary park south - endlara scott



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