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Once a year, Cobourg celebrates “Cobourg Day” and this year there were ceremonies and unveilings during the day (see previous article for more on the Henley Arcade ribbon cutting) and at 7:00pm there was an unusual Council Meeting.  One feature was the appointment of Jefer Coronel as Mayor for the day – see photo below.  Jefer was quite self-assured and did the tasks he was assigned with appropriate dignity and professionalism.  Also on the agenda was a “Blessing of Cobourg” by Rev. Andrew Truter, Police Services Board Chaplain.  This was in the time-slot reserved for a “Moment of Reflection” which replaced the Lord’s Prayer and would potentially be illegal if it were religious in nature.

However, despite being delivered by a minister and delivered in the tone and phrasing of a prayer, it did not include any mention of a God or contain any religious elements.  A big contrast to the same event in 2014. (More on the replacement of the Lord's Prayer with a moment of reflection.)

Rob Franklin took on his well known role of James Cockburn and made a very short speech – including the comment that he was “looking good for someone who has been dead for 130 years!” 

Cobourg’s Poet Laureate Ted Amsden was in good form (again) with his poem of tribute to a “concerned citizen” – Wally Keeler.  Although it was in good humour, Ted assured the large audience that it was meant in sincerity.  He finished with the statement that Wally was “Cobourg’s most wonderfully screwed up citizen”.

The meeting included two separate presentations:

  1. Recognition of the 2015 Ontario Lawn Bowling Junior Champions – Ben and Baylee van Steijn (siblings)
  2. Six separate Heritage Conservation awards.  These were selected by the Cobourg Heritage Advisory Committee for their “commitment to the responsible stewardship of Cobourg’s built heritage”.  See the list and names here.

mayor for dayGraham Beer was also recognized for his winning entry in the “Feel Good Town Video Contest” – more here.  The video was shown at the Council meeting.  Gil commented that in 2012, Graham was the Mayor for the day and has been promoting Cobourg ever since.

There were then two presentations – by the Cobourg Taxpayers Association and Cobourg Police – these will be the subject of future posts on this site. Stay tuned.[Update: here is no published information available from the Police on their presentation to Council on the "Mobilization Unit" - it's their effort to be more visible downtown, on the beach and in Parks.  So an update on this will not be soon.]

Below and right are photos of the meeting.

Council town crierreflection

Rob FranklinJunior bowlers


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