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At 6:30 pm on Friday night, 20 November, the Christmas Magic ceremonies began with the Town crier and a speech by Councillor Debra McCarthy.  Then with a count down by the crowd of possibly several thousand, the lights on Victoria Hall were turned on. The crowd then walked down Second Street and through Rotary Park to the waterfront.  On a small stage in front of the main tree (see photos below), York Bell-Smith introduced Santa and Mrs Claus and Deputy Mayor John Henderson thanked the team who worked hard to put the show together.   Then again the crowd counted down and at 7:00pm the lights all went on.  And surprise - there were fireworks for a few minutes to really make a show.

Safe to say, a wonderful event on the 20th anniversary with the largest crowd to date.  Lots of families and young children who then visited Santa in his tent!

There are lights in Rotary Park, all along the Esplanade and along the Division street end of the Trailer Park.  After the crowd left, there were already cars cruising down the Esplanade to see the lights.

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Vic hallcrowd at vic hall


looking westdeer

santa tentrotarypark


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