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According to a “coordinator’s report” by Theresa Rickerby at Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting, the Cobourg YMCA is losing members – in particular young adults and young families. Their strategy to fix this, is to lower rates a little and to build an indoor three story play structure for children up to 12 years old – probably similar to those in some McDonald’s restaurants. The structure will be built in the gym in early 2016 and will occupy about a third of the existing Gym floor space. The rates will be effective in 2016 and will be about 4% lower plus the categories have been changed to cater better to young adults. Instead of a student category, the new “young adult” category will be for ages 14 to 25. See the rates below.

YMCA 2016 Fees

(Previous rate in brackets)

  Yearly Monthly Day Pass
Family $1,117
Adult $620
Adult Couple $1,038
Senior (60+) $553
Senior Couple $902
Young Adult (14 to 25)
Replaces Student (14+)
Youth (under 14) $395

That's right, the yearly rate for youth actually goes up but a 25 year old adult gets a big break compared to the adult rate.

There is no update as yet on what is happening with the YMCA plan to build a pool at the Cobourg Community Centre but in the meantime, their rates for occasional pool usage are still nowhere near competitive with Port Hope’s Jack Burger Pool – especially for Adults and Seniors.

Jack Burger Sports Complex - Pool

Drop in Swim Fees (plus applicable taxes) 2016

Child/youth $3.20
Senior $3.20
Adult $4.91
Family $10.23
Adult aqua fit $8.07
Senior aqua fit $5.25

Of course, the YMCA rates are for much more than a pool but if a swim is all you want, there's no discount at the Y.

Some information in this article is from Cecilia Naismith’s article in Northumberland Today