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On Monday 21 December, the Consultants for the Downtown Master Plan will be making a presentation on their progress.  The project is almost complete.  There is just one more request for public input and then the final report will be delivered.  The Downtown Master plan is supposed to be the overall plan that combines the Heritage Master Plan, the 3D Model/Virtual Tour,  the Tourism Asset Feasibility Study (which recommended we seriously look at other uses of the Trailer Park), Heritage Building Asset Inventory, the Community Improvement Venture Initiative (CIVI) and the Community Improvement Plan (CIP).

An earlier post on this blog described the overall plan – the only additional information that I can see in Monday’s presentation is an indication of timelines.  Items are grouped by short-term (0-3 years), medium-term (4-7 years) and long term (8+ years).

They are described as “sample items” and grouped in the presentation as follows:

Short term (0 to 3 years):

Medium term (4 to 7 years):

Long term (8+ years):

As mentioned earlier, these plans have no actual power (not like officials Plans, Zoning and by-Laws) - they are used to guide decision making by planners, other staff and councillors. Therefore, incentives as enabled by the Community Improvement Plan are a useful tool.

Incentive programs include:

Comments from the public will be accepted until Friday, January 13, 2016 and can be emailed to Glenn McGlashon, Director of Planning & Development at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Download the full presentation made to Council here

And now (Dec 22, 2015), download the full "draft" plan here.  15MB 114 pages pdf