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Although most of these updates have been posted in the “News Update” box in the side column, many people don’t look at this and miss out.  Since they are relatively important updates I am also posting them.  Below are details on the Fee Waiver for Northumberland Medical Arts Inc., an update on the Dorette Carter case, an update on the Doctors being Sued and the status of council’s Governance Process.

Fee Waiver for Northumberland Medical Arts Inc

A last minute change to the Council's agenda removed the "Motion from the Committee of the Whole regarding a request from Northumberland Medical Arts Inc. for waiving of construction, building permit and development charge fees for the construction of a Medical Arts Facility at 1000 DePalma Drive," and referred it to a future Council meeting.  At the Council meeting it was explained that there are still unanswered questions about the issue.  When the issue is finally brought before Council, the answers will be published.  It is expected to be brought to Council for a decision at the regular meeting on January 11, 2016.

Dorette Carter

Northumberland 87.9 Radio News reported today that Dorette Carter entered guilty pleas for three of the 14 charges laid against her.

The report said:

Former Art Gallery of Northumberland Curator Dorette Carter pleaded guilty to 3 of 14 counts she faced this afternoon in the Ontario Court of Justice in Cobourg.

Carter admitted to conducting a fraudulent fundraising scheme seeking donations to purchase art work already in the Gallery's possession. Instead, the $20,000 raised was turned over to Art in Public Spaces, a separate organization Carter chaired.

She also admitted to writing cheques with forged signatures.

Crown Attorney David Thompson confirmed that Carter received no personal financial benefit from the fraudulent transactions.

Mr. Justice Robert Benninger ordered a Pre-Sentence Report and remanded the matter to February 29, 2016 for sentencing. More here.

Thanks to 89.7's John Hill for this.

Doctors being sued

As reported here, the Northumberland Family Health Team (NFHT) and the members of its board are being sued by the recently fired Executive Director Laura Yontz for $900,000 plus costs for wrongful dismissal and other damages.   But now, Northumberland 89.7 Radio News reports that the doctors have filed a defense denying the allegations. Looks like it will go to court and rely on whatever provable evidence either side has.  More here.

Governance Process

This will be a major change in how the town is governed and how Council is run.   After comments by Deputy Mayor John Henderson and Councillor Debra McCarthy, the motion to make the changes was adopted unanimously.   A more detailed report will be posted on Cobourg Internet News tomorrow.