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Now is a good time to review “News of the Year” and look forward to or predict the news for 2016.   Christmas and even Boxing day sales are behind us so let’s see what else happened – even though some events are starting to fade from memory.

There were about 300 posts on Cobourg Internet News Blog in 2015 – some were more popular than others.  Listed below are the major issues in approximate order of popularity (or rather – interest; some issues were decidedly unpopular!)

  • Planning had a field day – several plans have been produced and many had public meetings to gather citizen input:

Some things were not resolved:

  • The Park Theatre is still closed and derelict although it's mentioned in the Downtown master plan.
  • Although there have been several new businesses opening on King Street, there are still too many vacant or closed stores.
  • There is no progress on the Tannery property - although it's mentioned in the strategic plan - hopefully there will be action in Q3 2016.
  • There is no decision on the CDCI West building and playing fields.
  • Sidbrook is still decaying.

The above list of “not resolved” items gives a clue as to what might make news in 2016.  In addition, there will likely be these actions:

  • Broadcasting of all open meetings of Council - hopefully Q1 (First Quarter)
  • Public meetings on the subject of development of the Trailer Park. (Spring or possibly Fall)
  • Discussion and probably approval of the CIVI (Community Improvement Venture Initiative) (Q1) 
  • Development of a Cultural Master plan (Q3) - to be managed by the new Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture.
  • Some stores on King Street will get renovated and occupied (I’m an optimist!).

It should be an interesting year.


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