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Earlier this year, Council was asked to approve hiring a consultant to do the job of Marketing Downtown but it was turned down with the comment – “Why can’t staff do this job?” (see links below).  The recommendation came from the “Downtown Marketing Partnership” and they have now reworked their recommendation.   They have now come up with a detailed plan complete with measurements for success and instead of a fulltime consultant, they propose hiring a project manager for $8,000 (presumably part time).  Other costs bring the total budget to $48,000.

Project Plan

What Lead Status Budget

Step 1
Identify appealing new business categories for both residents and tourists.

  • Affordable Family Restaurants priority (e.g. Food Brewpub; Sports bar; Deli)
  • Fine Dining
  • Green grocer/small food sales outlet
  • Clothing & accessories
  • Cultural/artisan shops
Downtown Marketing Partnership Completed  
Step 2
Finalize project goals/outcomes
CAO/ Coalition chair Finalized in report [ see below]  
Step 3
Develop up-to-date inventory/sell sheets of ready business locations
Ec. Dev. staff Finalize by Feb17/17  
Step 4
Hire qualified Project Manager
Staff Finalize by Feb 28/17 $8,000
Step 5
Identify targeted businesses in each category
Project Manager Finalize by Mar 31/17  
Step 6
Develop Marketing Plan including outcomes, unique value proposition(s) selling material and cost effective media mix
Project Manager Finalize by Mar 31/17 Material & Media $35,000
Step 7
Influencer Marketing Activities Events (e.g. Realtors; site selectors, explore the core)
Project Manager Ongoing $5,000
Step 8
Execute plan
Project Manager Ongoing  
Step 9
Monitor progress vs. goals
Downtown Marketing

Measurements of Success

Process Measures
How well was the plan executed
The following minimum number of quality leads shall be generated:

  • Family restaurants(10)
  • Fine dining(5)
  • Green groceries/ small food sales outlets(5)
  • Clothing (5)
  • Sales of Artisan products(5)

Outcome Measures
How successful was the effort
Within two years of implementing the plan:

  • Total number of businesses attracted - 5 minimum
  • Total number of additional employees -15 minimum
  • Website and social media activity

This plan is up for approval by Council at Monday’s COW meeting.  This plus the CIP and the probably dead CIVI are the only concrete outcomes that I can see of the Downtown Vitalization Project.  It’s been a long time getting here.

Download the memo to go before Council – signed by Stephen Peacock.

Background Information

Downtown Marketing Partnership
Formed in response to a recommendation by the Downtown Coalition with a “two-fold mandate of attracting businesses and customers to the downtown.”

Brian Wynn, Chair;  Mayor Brocanier;  Andrew Stewart;  Denise Liboiron;  Diane Lush;  Suzanne Seguin; Erin Wakely;  Julie Savard;  Jodi Ware-Simpson, Secretary;  Rob Day;  Kevin Ward




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