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The Property formerly occupied by the Tannery and before that by the Crossen Railway Car Works now belongs to the Town but they have been unable to get any developer to take it on.  There have been several attempts at getting something done there but a new RFP has now been issued to get a consultant to help with planning.  The property in question is close to the railway line just west of the VIA Station at the north end of George Street.  The address of the 6.7 acre property is 96 Alice Street although it fronts onto Crossen Street.

There is some background history on the Tannery property at this post (Tannery Property to be taken over by Town – Finally)

Tannery districtThe reluctance of developers to take it on seems to be because the Tannery land is a “brownfield” and it is no doubt hoped that a Plan providing a “long-range vision” will help point the way and perhaps a another try at getting someone to build a housing development will be successful.

The Consultant’s report will be due in the Spring of 2018 – just 6 months before the next election.

The area of the study is much larger than the Tannery property – it includes a total of 30 acres – see map at right (click to enlarge).  The extended area includes a number of large Heritage homes, the GM dealership and some businesses.  The entire area has been dubbed the Tannery District.

The RFP is called:  “Sustainable Neighbourhood Master Plan & Implementing Secondary Plan/Zoning By-Law for the Tannery District” and the result would be a supplement to the Official plan.


The work to be done by the consultant includes:

  1. Consideration of “inter-relationships and linkages between other neighbourhoods and destinations in the community (i.e. downtown, waterfront, VIA Station, Midtown Centre, open spaces, etc.), as well as matters such as streetscapes and ‘complete streets’, servicing, land use compatibility.”
  2. The emphasis will be on sustainability and although not spelled out, this is in alignment with a proposal made to Council by a community group in January 2015 [Worth a  look].
  3. Ultimately, facilitate the revitalization of the Tannery District into a model sustainable neighbourhood – on the “cutting edge” of sustainability. In this context, sustainability means the integration of
  • Society
  • Environment
  • Economy
  • Culture
  1. A range of housing on the Tannery lands is envisaged with particular attention to accessibility, the environment and affordability.
  2. Other Town planning documents will provide some of the direction for the plan.  These include:

Project Management

The RFP states:

The Planning & Sustainability Advisory Committee (PSAC) will act as the Steering Committee for this project, and the Director of Planning & Development will be the Project Co-ordinator.

There will be 3 phases

  1. Background Review  - includes one public meeting
  2. Policy Formulation – includes one public meeting
  3. Master Plan/Secondary Plan -  includes a formal public meeting with Council

The RFP also states:

In addition, meetings shall be held with key stakeholders, including the Project Steering Committee, municipal Departmental staff, municipal Advisory Committees, public agencies, community interest groups, businesses and landowners.

The RFP closes January 24, 2017.  Download the full Request for Proposal here

Below left is what land looked like in 2014.  At right is the photo used in the Tannery Sustainable Presentation in 2015. 

tannery property 350  TDCG pic



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