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The Town today felt the need to warn against hockey sticks and pucks on the ice at the Rotary Harbourfront Outdoor Skating Rink. This was because someone was breaking the rules. The concern was “the safety of all skaters”. There are rules posted at the rink - the first one is “No Hockey Sticks or Pucks allowed”.  Ashely Purdy confirmed that someone reported the rule-breaking but it’s hard to see how it can be enforced.  Will a policeman be posted at the rink?  Or a bylaw officer?

rink dec 31Rink at Season Opening Dec 31, 2015Instead the Town seems to be relying on a post on its web site – although not on their Facebook page or Twitter account. 

In a response to my request, the Town's Commnications Officer, Ashley Purdy, confirmed that the notice "was a result of a concerned citizen, for enjoyment of the rink and safety too."   She also said that: "The only steps taken right now are a gentle reminder of the rules."

The notice also said that:

The Town of Cobourg would like to encourage the following rink rules:

  • Be considerate of others and put safety first
  • Parents and guardians are responsible for the adequate care, protection and supervision of their children
  • Helmet use is recommended
  • Keep pets off the ice
  • Hockey games are prohibited – no pucks or sticks are allowed on the ice
  • Please leave the rink during ice maintenance


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