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One of the key components of the re-vitalization process is the preparation of a Downtown Master Plan.   A consultant started work in May 2015 and after several versions and public consultation it will finally be before Council for approval on Feb 22.   Although it’s a long term plan (eight years plus), the immediate interest is in its early impact – the first few years. 

The full “Final Draft” plan incorporates some revisions that resulted from public comments received in the last month and is available for download below.    It has 114 pages with most of it devoted to discussion of the issues and items discussed in previous posts (see links below) but in the end, I am most interested in the short term action plans.  What is Council planning to do before they stand for re-election? So these have been extracted from page 90 of the report and listed below. (This version is also easier to read).

Action Item List

Short term (0 to 3 years)

Action Items Type Impact * Cost **
Establish the Community Improvement Venture Initiative (CIVI) as an arm's length development and marketing body to co-ordinate and facilitate downtown revitalization and improvement Public/Private Realm – Implementation, Business Attraction, Marketing High High
Actively promote and implement the Community Improvement Plan (CIP) and associated incentives as a stimulus for downtown revitalization (also an Ongoing Action Item). Public/Private Realm – Implementation, Business Attraction, Communication, Marketing, Education High Low- Moderate
Implement Downtown Wayfinding and Directional signage (GSP Group), finalize designs, placement and costing. Public Realm – Implementation High Moderate
Revisit and implement the Victoria Square Plan to create a convertible & accessible landscaped public square and civic gathering space for community events, the Farmer's Market and parking, and include the conversion of Second Street into a "Flex Street" concept and designs for the First Street and Rotary Waterfront Park-Third Pedestrian Paths; finalize designs and costing. Public Realm – Design Study, Consultation, Implementation High Moderate - high
Complete the Heritage Master Plan and associated Heritage Conservation District Plans and develop an Implementation Plan. Public Realm – Design Study High Low
Continue to implement programming of Second Street for community events and public gatherings. Public Realm – Implementation, Programming Moderate Low
Undertake a detailed Streetscape & landscape Design Study to identify specific areas of the public realm in need of additional landscaping, street trees, pedestrian-scale furniture, lighting, signage, pedestrian/ cycling/ accessibility enhancements and other features - include municipal parking lots (Covert Street. Third Street, Trinity) and the First Street Pedestrian Path corridor; finalize designs and costing Public Realm - Design Study, Consultation, Moderate Low- Moderate
Implement interim enhancements to the First Street Pedestrian Path, including an asphalt path connection south of Albert Street and related signage. Public Realm – Implementation Moderate Low
Implement the Rotary Waterfront Park Pedestrian Path to Third Street, with parking lot enhancements, landscaping and signage. Public Realm – Implementation Low-Moderate Low- Moderate
Investigate the business case for renovating/re-developing the Park Theatre as a key cultural/entertainment destination in the Downtown***. Public/Private Realm -  Study High Low
Revisit the Parks Master Plan, Central Harbour Lands Concept and West Harbour Development Plan for the waterfront area, including the development of an Implementation Plan which examines new and enhanced active transportation connections, public open spaces/gathering places, marina facilities, natural heritage features, furniture and the East Pier and Western Headland areas. Public Realm -  Study, Consultation Moderate - high Low
Undertake a process to engage stakeholders on the future of the Trailer Park site Public Realm -  Consultation Low-High Low
Investigate/encourage the future re-use of the CDCI West main school site as a community hub with intensification opportunities in accordance with this Master Plan***. Public/Private Realm – Facility re-development opportunity High Low
Encourage the re-development/adaptive re-use of major private landholdings, including the Park Theatre, King Street East and West Gateways, in accordance with this Master Plan***.                Public/Private Realm - Re-development Opportunity, Consultation High Low

*     Impact refers to a general measurement or degree of significance that a particular action or project may have on Downtown revitalization (i.e. on people places. The local economy etc.)
**   General Cost Estimate Ranges: Low = $0 - $20,000; Moderate = $20,000 - $100,000; High = $100,000+
*** Implementation is largely dependent on circumstances outside of the public realm, such as the nature/timing of [private development/investment, opportunities for public/private partnerships etc.

The next step is for us to provide input at the three public meetings coming up:

  • The Budget meeting at 1pm on March 1st,
  • The Parks & Recreation Strategy & Implementation Plan at 7pm on March 1st.
  • The Heritage Master Plan & Heritage Conservation District Plans at 6:30 on March 3rd. 

When the Heritage Master plan is complete, we can expect the Town start to start on the above actions! At least that is what has been said to date.

Download Master Plan

The Master plan sublitted for approval is labelled "Draft" since it is not approved until the Council passes a final vote in its regular Councl meeting on February 29. The copy provided on the Town's web site was 85MB and has been compressed here to 12MB in the interest of speedy downloads. Image quality is slightly reduced.  No content has been omitted.

Downtown Master Plan Final DRAFT

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