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Site Features

See this page for more about this site including its features.

Communications Officer Ashley Purdy tonight reported on progress and features of the new Town Web site.  It is scheduled to go live May 16, 2016 and all content will be freshly written – that’s 400 pages!  Town staff will be able to make their own updates and at least one person from each department will have received training on how to do that. The Tourism department will continue to use their existing separate website although there will be link to it from the new Town site. A full integration (re-design) of the Tourism site would cost $30k.

Other major departments who currently have their own site will have a dedicated entry or landing page to provide better integration.  These include the Community Centre, Library, Concert Hall and Economic Development as well as the DBIA (which is not town managed).


  • Better news including a ticker with breaking news and a direct link to a relevant contact.
  • A Polls module – so citizens (and presumably others) can vote on current issues.
  • Feeds from the Town’s Facebook page.
  • Sections for each department with a contact name and contact info – so not all questions will go to the Mayor!
  • A calendar of Town events (separate to and possibly overlapping Tourism events).  These would be public meetings, Library events,  DBIA events, Recreation and Leisure events.  There would be the ability to signup for updates.
  • A Business Directory listing all businesses, stores, restaurants and hotels in Cobourg
  • Town forms will be available – with the ability to fill them in online.
  • An e-books module would allow for Town brochures etc to be easily readable online.
  • E-commerce capability to allow payment for dog tags and more.
  • The site would be responsive – that is, adaptable to the size screen you happen to be using (similar to Cobourg Internet). This makes it mobile friendly.

Sounds impressive.  Ashley said that after launch, there would be tweaking to the site based on feedback.  It would be a “work in progress” although it would be fully operational May 16.


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