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At last Monday's Council meeting, the amounts received by Councillors by virtue of their position on Council were provided by Ian Davey. Provincial law requires this to be done each year. Few would think that Councillors are overpaid - I believe the pay rates are such that you have to either be independently wealthy or retired to take the job. The Mayor, Deputy Mayor and all Councillors except Larry Sherwin and Theresa Rickerby are retired. Theresa was ambitious to have taken on the role - her Council remuneration for a 40 hour week was about $8.25 per hour.

Ian Davey's memo gave the justification for this public report:

Section 284 of the Municipal Act, 2001 requires that the treasurer of a municipality provide to council an itemized statement of remuneration and expenses paid in the previous year to each member of council in respect of their services as a member of council or any other body, including a local board, to which the member has been appointed by council or on which the member holds office by virtue of being a member of council.

Member  Council Pay Council Expenses Police Board Holdco County GRCA Health Unit Total
G. Brocanier  $34,239 $5,809 $4,766 $6,500 $11,904   $1,130 $58,539
L. Sherwin  $16,779 $2,302 $4,766         $21,545
J. Henderson  $20,919 $885           $20,919
F. Rowden  $16,779 $2,638       $2,645   $19,424
T. Rickerby  $16,779 $2,508       $385   $17,164
B. Darling  $16,779 $2,395           $16,779
D. McCarthy  $16,779 $1,514           $16,779


  • Council Expenses are not included in total remuneration since they are out of pocket expenses.
  • Forrest Rowden also received $650 for Labour Negotiations
  • There were also other minor expenses claimed – that is, other than Council expenses.
  • The "Health Unit" is: The Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit.

No benefits are listed so this means there are none. It's not a regular job. But some other bigger towns do provide benefits as well as higher salaries. See also the report from 2014.


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