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In 2010, a group of Cobourg Citizens started the Cobourg Beach Society with the intent of making the West Beach open to all from the “traditional waterline to the water” despite the fact that there is still one landowner who insists that their property deed extends into the water and have fenced off their portion so that you are trespassing if you walk the full length of the West Beach.   That group disbanded in 2013 but before they did, they commissioned a Video which talked about the history of Cobourg’s Beaches.  With a discussion of the Trailer Park coming up soon, it seems to be a good time to remind everyone of the “heritage” of Cobourg’s beach.

Cobourg's Beach - History and value of West Beach

The video was produced by Media Monkey productions.

If you are interested in Cobourg’s History, there is a site dedicated to this here. Included is a 3 page history of the Harbour.


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