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With no Cogeco telecast and few citizens in the gallery, only the media representatives heard a collection of announcements at Monday’s Council meeting. The media represented were Northumberland News, Northumberland Today, Northumberland 89.7FM and Cobourg Internet (yours truly). I will mention only some of the items – the ones I thought were significant - although I’m sure some councillors would disagree. But I recommend listening to local radio and reading the local newspapers or even catching them online (Links below).

Council Meeting Highlights

Kelly Nobus of the Surf and Stand-up Paddle Board Club asked (in a verbal presentation) that the Town allow access from the beach to the water.  He suggested that these users be allowed access at both ends of Victoria beach.  It was not really clear what he wanted that was different to the current situation – I don’t think anyone is currently stopping them enter the water there although a recent by-law change officially restricted the beach to swimmers.  Maybe they can rely on no enforcement which seems usual.  His request was referred to the Parks and Recreation Advisory committee.

A letter from the Cobourg Taxpayers Association (CTA) was received that asked for a mid-year update on how the Town was progressing compared to their budget.  Since Treasurer Ian Davey will be giving his quarterly report soon, Council decided to ask Ian to integrate his response to the CTA with that report.

Economic Development 1. In his Coordinators report, Mayor Gil Brocanier said that he had received an enquiry from someone interested in bringing a “flagship hotel” to Cobourg. [We can only hope].

Economic Development 2. Gil also said that an “International School” is interested in using the CDCI West building for a school [that too would be good if it happens].

Canada 150 – In the Spring, the Town announced that they would provide grants up to $2,500 to Cobourg organizations planning Canada 150 celebrations in 2017.  The budget allocated was $30.000. Councillor Debra McCarthy announced that there were 26 applications and the winning applicants have now been selected. Letters are now going out and the recipients will be announced shortly. (Background)

Cobourg Gay Pride Festival.  Debra also announced that on the weekend between the Highland Games and the Waterfront Festival, Cobourg would stage its own Gay Pride Festival.  Cobourg Police as well as the local PFLAG group are on a steering Committee that is being formed to organize the event which is expected to include a Parade.  More details are expected in September.

Parks and Recreation. Brian Darling mentioned the Neighbourwoods Tree Inventory Program, the Community in Bloom Garden Competition and the visit by the judges on July 25 and 26,  the visit by HMCS Goose Bay, the need for some additional minor repairs on the Skateboard Park and the unfortunate vandalism in Donegan Park with the overturn of two “porta-potties”.

John Henderson mentioned the Tree Planting by Probus on Thursday and invited the Public. Although it’s at the public Lion’s pavilion and probably of interest to the public since it involves trees in the park and commemorating citizens in Cobourg, it’s a Probus event and not really for the general public! 

And of course there were several motions and bylaws passed - including streaming of Council meetings to the Internet as reported here and continued funding of the analysis of the YMCA/CCC amalgamation project - $15,000 from both the Town and YMCA (reported here).



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