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In April 2016, a committee was formed to oversee Phase 4 (that is, completion) of the Victoria Square project.  That’s the area that includes Victoria Hall – King to Albert bounded by Second and Third streets.  A contract was awarded to the landscape architect who worked on Phases one to three, Miriam Mutton.  She is reporting on the two recommended Phase 4 options at the Council meeting  on Monday afternoon.  These will then be presented to the public for a choice.  At this point, no cost estimates are available.

The idea is that the area currently occupied by the Market on summer Saturdays would be expanded and/or reworked to become a public square for events.  There would be three modes:

  • Business – basically as it is now, a parking lot
  • Market  - basically the same function as it is now when the Market is there
  • Events/Entertainment –  similar to what was done for Tasty Tuesdays in 2014 & 2015 but would include a temporary stage for entertainment.

Two options are proposed – it is intended that the public would choose one of these.

Option One

Detailed improvements on the current layout – see pictures below.  There would be a raised “perimeter walkway around the Theatre”.  However, “raised” is probably not the right description – it’s more that the square would be lowered.  A temporary stage would be added for Events.  In this option, the square would not spill over onto the roads.

Victoria Square Option 1 - Market Mode Victoria Square Option 1 - Entertainment Mode

Option Two

In addition to Option 1 improvements, the square would expand onto Albert and Second Streets for Market and Event modes.  Each mode would be defined by movable bollards so traffic and pedestrians would be separated. 

Victoria Square - Option 2

There is no word yet on dates for public meetings although the original schedule expected them to be held between November and February with completion by June 30, 2017. (See Cobourg News Blog report here: Victoria Square Project up for approval).  The project is intended to be Cobourg’s Canada 2017 signature project.


From the Council meeting on August 8, 2016 where this was presented.

The above was presented by Malcolm Wardman, chair of the Victoria Square Committee and Miriam Mutton.  Some additional information was provided.

  • The next step will be to go out for public consultation - hopefully in September.  No date has yet been set.
  • The committee of 22 members favours Option 2.
  • At no time will both King and Albert Streets be closed to road traffic.
  • Public Art is being emphasized more - as Miriam said, it helps give a sense of place.
  • No cost estimate was given and there were no questions about it from Councillors.  One unofficial guesstimate was $1 million.

 Project on Hold

For details - see this article here.


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