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Cobourg has been awarded 5 blooms (out of 5) in the Communities in Bloom Ontario competition and under the special mention column was the comment: Floral Displays that wow!  We also won the Urban Forestry award.  Cobourg entered the competition this year and plans to continue with entries in at least the next two years.  As Communities in Bloom puts it: “Communities that look successful are most likely to be successful.  Whether a community's specific goals are to increase tourism, generate new economic development or simply to build civic pride, the appearance presented to citizens and to others is a key factor in achieving those goals.”

The judges were escorted around Town on July 25th as reported here.

CIB Ontario350Cobourg entered into the Ontario edition of the Communities in Bloom (CIB) program which is a “Canadian non-profit organization committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community involvement and the challenge of a national program, with focus on the enhancement of green spaces in community settings.”  The CIB press release describes it:

The program consists of communities receiving information and being evaluated either provincially or nationally by a volunteer jury of trained professionals on the accomplishments of their entire community (municipal, private, corporate and institutional sectors, citizens) on the following key criteria: Tidiness, Environmental Action, Heritage Conservation, Urban Forestry, Landscape, and Floral Displays. Communities that look successful are most likely to be successful.

Communities in Bloom Ontario is a program that inspires communities to enhance and sustain the visual appeal of neighbourhoods, public spaces, parks and streetscapes through the imaginative use of flowers, plants, trees and landscaping, through the preservation of heritage and cultural assets and with attention to environmental stewardship.

Announcement of the awards was at an event in Stratford on Saturday September 17.   Download the full CIB Press Release here. (Revised from earlier more generic version)

Addendum re Chris Garrett Park

This park was on the judge's route (as listed here) and the judges actually loved the park with all of its history (around the sculpture) and the ponds in the back.  

Communities in Bloom gives extra points for community involvement and anyone (including Bob) is welcome to adopt a garden and go and pull any weeds or do light maintenance at any time.

Addendum re "book"

The Cobourg Communities in Bloom committee were asked to prepare a "Book" to give to the judges and which told the story of Cobourg using the headings requested by the CIB Organization.  This "Book" is now available to the public via this link - it's a pdf of about 11MB.


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