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There were no surprises at tonight’s Council meeting but today was Cobourg Day and based on his submission, 12 years old William Bobiash was selected to be Mayor for the Day. Because of this, the Council meeting had more ceremony than usual and started with the Town Crier Mandy Robinson giving a fairly long introduction. The usual “moment of reflection” was presented by Police Services Board Chaplain, Rev. Andrew Truter and then Ted Amsden read  a poem. Cogeco was there to broadcast the event.  More details below.

Meeting Ceremonial Highlightsmayor for day

  • William Brobiash (next to Gil in photo at right) not only conducted the first part of the meeting but he had Second Street temporarily named after him: Brobiash Avenue. As Gil Brocanier said, he could well be one of our future Councillors or Mayors.
  • As decided in May 2015, the previous practice of saying the Lord’s Prayer at Council meetings was replaced with a moment of silence. Usually the moment of silence is just that, silent, but at tonight’s meeting Rev. Andrew Truter made what sounded like a non-religious (that is secular) sermon that ended with the Christian/Jewish “Amen”. Since he’s a chaplain, it would be hard to break old habits!
  • Then Ted Amsden read a short poem called “Thanksgiving” – Gil remarked that Ted was getting up to date since he read the poem from an iPad!

Council Business Highlights

  • A presentation by the Grandmother’s Advocacy Network (GRAN) asked council to support the “Unite to End Violence against Women and Girls Orange Campaign” to be held November 25 to December 10, 2016. One way to show support would be to use Orange Floodlights to illuminate the outside of Victoria Hall and/or the Cobourg Community Centre for a couple of days in the campaign period. Council asked for a staff report on this for the CCC.
  • Council approved the new Software for Parking with no additional discussion (see Cobourg Internet Report here.)
  • Council approved the new Transit bus purchase with no questions asked about possibly sharing with Port Hope or uploading to the County as had been discussed in my post here. One has to assume that such a radical idea would have to have been first proposed in a Strategic Plan goal. Such a goal of course does not exist in the current strategic plan.

Other News

  • I asked Councillor Brian Darling about progress on the Waterfront plan (West harbour, Marina etc) and the possible future of the Trailer Park. Both of these were originally slated for public meetings this fall (that is, very soon). Brian said that both of these would be considered in the comprehensive Waterfront Implementation Plan as discussed in an earlier Council meeting and a post on this site. Going forward, they will not be treated separately. The next step on this is to hire a consultant (not yet done) and then there will be public meetings. Brian did not have dates but I’d guess that these issues will go well into 2017. I can see that they could well be major issues at the next Council election – again.
  • I asked Communications Officer Kara Euale about the status of streaming broadcasts of all council meetings. Cameras have been installed and all equipment is in place but one part needed to be sourced. This is now available and subject to testing, the next COW meeting should see the new system operational.


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