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At the Council meeting on Monday night, Hilda Bryan-Seet and Keith Oliver made a presentation suggesting that the Recreation Strategy and Implementation Plan (RSIP) should include an Outdoor Adult Fitness Park.  This would be a set of equipment in outdoor locations intended for adults unlike the usual playgrounds intended for children.  Keith points out that the currently proposed RSIP and the Seniors Action Plan (see links below) are focused on sporting activities which are “out of the question” for many seniors. Keith says that “keeping fit depends on having access to facilities appropriate by ability ... and on accessibility ... and on cost.”

Hilda and Keith had previously made a presentation to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee where Hilda said that senior's playgrounds, also called "outdoor fitness parks", is a concept that caught on in the 2000s and is growing globally.  There are examples in China, England, Finland, Japan and Spain and there are installations in Whitby at their waterfront and in Heritage Park Oshawa.

She continued with:

Providing free access to fitness equipment in public areas would be a logical addition to Cobourg's already gorgeous beachfront, and would not only benefit the town's citizen's by improving the health of our community, but could also help with tourism and attracting retirees to our community.

She finished with:

Providing such fitness installations in Cobourg would also be a signal to this community (that) seniors matter and are an important part of the fabric of our town.

Keith told me that an estimated price of suitable equipment would be $50k (installation extra) and that a good location would be in Victoria Park.  Forrest Rowden suggested that perhaps the West Beach area should be considered.

A petition has been started with 954 signatures to date.  There is also a website promoting the idea.

Council agreed with their recommendation that this concept be considered for review in the Waterfront Implementation process. 

Below are some photos submitted with the presentation that illustrated the idea (no popup enlargements).

 seniors fitness1 700

seniors fitness2

seniors fitness 3



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