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The vote was four to one for Suzanne – Brian Darling was absent and the lone opposing vote was for Gudrun Ludorf-Weaver by Aaron Buchart.  The presentations went well – and the small crowd present (in the new chairs) were impressed with the quality of all the candidates.  If just some of them run in the next election, we should have a good slate for the next council election in 2018.  Below is a quick synopsis of them all plus you can download Suzanne’s full presentation.

To determine the sequence of presentation, Ian Davey (standing in for Lorraine Brace) pulled names out of a box to indicate who should speak next.  No-one came close to using the full 10 minutes and many were quite a bit shorter.  The following is in sequence of their presentation.


Suzanne Seguin
Suzanne SeguinSuzanne SeguinShe and her husband have been in Cobourg for two and a half years and she has already become heavily involved in committees.  She was born and raised in Prescott where she was also involved in the community while running her own marketing business.  She was elected to council there in 2003 and to Mayor in 2006.  Her presentation listed the activities that she felt were important and included arts and culture as well as the more usual infrastructure and Economic Development.

Charles Summat
A retired businessman with 45 years experience, he has lived in Cobourg for 9 years.

Dean Jenkins
His family has been in Cobourg for three generations although he moved away for a while but came back 17 years ago.  He currently teaches economics at Durham college.  He is involved in the community – mostly in sports.

Bryan Lambert
He moved to Cobourg 2 years ago from Markham and before that, Peterborough.  He is retired from a career with a Finance background and has been active with several presentations to Council.

Don Owen
He has now retired after 23 years of being the owner of the Oasis restaurant.  He has extensive community experience in fundraising for charities.  He emphasized that Cobourg’s waterfront was its greatest asset.

Mark Burgess
He had  a long career in advertising and marketing, has an open mind and serves on the accessibility committee. He grew up in Campbellford.

Marcia Whelan
A lifelong resident of Cobourg, she was first a Real Estate agent (extolling the virtues of Cobourg) and is now the manager of Ferreri’s two stores (Cobourg and Peterborough).  She spoke of how it would be good to have a pool at the CCC and Wi-Fi downtown.

Randy Curtis
He started  with a comment that Council was brave to use the selection process they are using.  He was born and raised in Cobourg. Started his career in business as a Sales Engineer and has volunteered for a number of organizations.

Bruce Moore
He was born in Port Hope but moved to Cobourg in his 20’s – he seemed to be in his 40’s now and spoke of the need to represent the young!  He wants better hours for stores downtown – ones that suit working people.  He felt that citizens should have benefits from living here – e.g. a parking pass for parking near the beach.

Gudrun Ludorf-Weaver
She eloquently spoke of her love for Cobourg and how the warmth of the people was one reason she moved to Cobourg in 2005.  She was in Education for 45 years, her first language is German and has been involved in committees and the community, especially as they relate to sustainability.

Carla Grucela
Moved to Cobourg in 2010 and is on the board of the Cobourg and District Historical Society.  She has now retired from a 25 year career in Sales and Marketing.  She emphasized the need to understand different opinions.

The vote was held immediately after the presentations with no questions or discussion.  The names were read out in the original alphabetical order with councillors instructed to vote only once – with a show of hands.  No-one voted until Gudrun Ludorf-Weaver’s name - when Aaron raised his hand.  The second last name to be read out was Suzanne Seguin (that’s with a g, not  a q) and Gil Brocanier, John Henderson, Forrest Rowden and Debra McCarthy raised their hands.  That made the vote 4-1 for Suzanne. (Brian Darling was not there).

A motion was immediately made and passed to appoint Suzanne Seguin as Councillor effective January 30th.

For more details on Suzanne and what she said about herself, download her presentation.



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