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June 27

1. Because of the new requirement to prioritize sidewalks before they are built, the sequence will not be known in time this year so no sidewalks will be built this year and certainly not the one planned for Abbott.  This does not affect sidewalk repair or renovation.

2.  The final application intake for CIP grants and loans is July 21.

3.  The transition of Tourist information from Dressler House to the Market Building is now complete.  There is now no Tourist information at Dressler House.


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Fishing in the Ganaraska in Port Hope has recently become a hot potato but fishing in Cobourg Creek – especially around Peace Park – is also a concern.  Nearby residents are unhappy with the behaviour of fishermen so the Town is holding a “Public Meeting and Information Session” at 4:00pm on March 28 [corrected - notice issued March 16] in the Cobourg Library. The Town’s announcement says that “Town officials, Cobourg Police and the Ministry of Natural Resources will explain the various laws and facilitate an open discussion regarding fishing practices in the area as well as concerns.”

fishing3Residents near Cobourg Creek and Peace Park, fishers and other interested parties are invited to attend.  Timing is good for a discussion given the current review of the Waterfront. It seems low key but one local resident, speaking for the residents of Tremaine Terrace, is very critical of the unpleasant behaviour of the fishermen and the lack of by-law enforcement.

Ellie Hawking emailed Cobourg Internet:

We, the residents of Tremaine Terrace, have been fighting with the Town for almost a year regarding the fishermen using Tremaine Terrace as a parking lot 24 hours a day, to access Cobourg Creek.  Peace Park has designated parking and signage clearly states that the park is closed from 11pm., to 7am.  They are still entering before 7am.  Certainly not as many because of the weather.

How many By-laws are broken?  Many. They are noisy and show disrespect for the residents. They defecate, urinate, drink alcohol and leave their garbage everywhere on the banks of the creek. The Mayor, the Cobourg Police, the Parks and Recreation Director, and the By-Law officer, are all aware of our problems brought on by fishers and the lack of by-law enforcement.  We are all hoping the town will take action and put the concerns of Cobourg residents before tourist fishing. 

Ellie attached the photos above right and below. She said that two of those in the photos had Montreal plates. I'd guess the meeting will be attended by more than just local residents.

fishing2 fishing1


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