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On May 4th, a meeting is planned to introduce a new business to Cobourg.  It will open in summer on King Street but there is already a buzz.  The new entrepreneurs in town are husband and wife Lucas Cleveland and Montana DesJardins and in an interview they explained that they have been planning their idea for some time and have done extensive research.  They are originally from Toronto but most recently spent 10 years in Alberta before the oil industry tanked.  They found Cobourg because Lucas’s parents moved here and they loved what they saw so they stayed.  The new store will offer fruits and vegetables and compete on quality and service.  Produce will be locally sourced as much as possible but out of season they will offer organic product.

logoThe store will be called The Market & Smør and will be located on King Street between Division and Spring.  Smør is a Danish word and refers to smørrebrød open-faced sandwiches (see photo below) which will also be offered alongside salads, cold pressed juices, smoothies and bubble tea.  (The market will be the only place that bubble tea can be had between Kingston and Toronto!)  The intent is to be open 7 days a week from 7 am to 7 pm.

Their market research included talking to a lot of people in Cobourg so they understand about the Peaches saga and that there are already enough coffee shops in town.  They have already set up arrangements with local farmers who are keen to have a Cobourg outlet – they cannot all sell produce at the Farmer’s Market for various reasons.  When the store is setup, the farms that supplied the product will be featured and produce will be marked with how many kilometers they are from the store.

Lucas and Montana are impressed with the Community in Cobourg and our friendliness. They want to be connected so not only will they provide great customer service, they will also be responsive to requests or different working relationships with suppliers.

montana and lucasMontana and LucasLucas concedes that they cannot compete on price with Walmart or No Frills but they hope their quality and service will win them enough customers to at least break even.  They don’t expect for this venture to make them rich but with a new born son, they can spend more time at home.

The word is gradually getting out – they are having three “Market Meetings” on May 4th at the Loft to explain their plans and look for feedback. There will also be complimentary samples, drinks and more. To register for the meeting, they would like people to go to their web site:, select the meeting time and click the Submit button.  If you just show up, you might not get in!

Their web site gives the following contact information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  416-951-6886.  They give a “summer” opening date because they need about 6-8 weeks after closing a deal on a location.  They plan to buy because they have found big problems getting viable rental deals in their preferred stretch of King Street.  Other than finding a location, they have all their ducks in a row.  The photo below shows a store in Barcelona that will be a model for how they plan to setup their Cobourg Store.

I am sure we all wish them well.

smørrebrød Similar Market in Barcelona

Addendum - May 2

The Market & Smør have won the bid to operate the beach canteen for the summer but they "are still moving forward with a market downtown as originally planned and look forward to sharing the details about this with you all!"  This will be at the meetings on Thursday May 4 - stay tuned.


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