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At the Committee of the Whole meeting on April 17th, Consultants William McCrae and Lisa Cullin, of CIMA presented the final plan for Victoria Square Phase IV.  It’s final in the sense that it’s agreed by the committee responsible and will be presented to Council for approval at the next committee of the whole meeting on May 8.  Actual construction will depend on fundraising and hopefully funding from Federal or Provincial sources.  It’s certainly impressive and would be a major move forward in finishing off the area behind Victoria Hall and will provide additional space for events.  Second Street would still be open but closed off for Market days or event days.  The total cost would be around $1.5 Million.  The presentation provided copious illustrations – see below.

As described in earlier posts, (Project Deferred, Public meeting,) the square overflows onto Second Street for Market days or Event days but for Business days, it still allows for parking as now.  However, Second street and Albert Street become quite different.  Because of the drastic changes, the Transit bus route would probably have to change.  But the project would be phased in with not everything being done at one time.

The choice of Art was made by a separate committee and the selection they made from submissions was unanimous.

Download the memo with the names of the committee and their recommendations here.

The only real way to understand the project is to look at the sketches in the slide show below (selected images only).

Hover mouse over slides to pause - or tap.  Then you can manually advance using the arrows or keyboard. Move the mouse away to auto advance.  Hover over the dots below to see thumbs and click to go to that image.

Cost breakdown

Earth Excavation etc $61K
Hard Surfaces $632,300
Trees $103,700
Street Furniture $102,8509
Lighting $200,000
Misc $43,000
10% Contingency $114,285
Sub-Total $1,257,135
Public Art $140,000
Design, Tender, Admin $100,000
Total $1,497,135

The proposal by the winning artist is here.

Download the full presentation here.


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