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 A consultant, FOTENN Planning and Design, has now been hired by Cobourg to take planning for the Tannery District to the next stage.  The “District” is larger than just the Tannery property that is now owned by the Town – it goes roughly from University to the Railway line then from George Street to Ball/Victoria streets.  See the maps below.  The idea is to create a long term vision for the whole area so that developers know what we want.  And the vision includes a model sustainable community with connections to Downtown.  But don’t hold your breath - it could be decades before it’s fully implemented – much like the Waterfront area took a long time to transition from coal dumps and oil tanks to the waterfront we have today.

Tannery districtTannery District - official version; Below is Satellite viewThe consultant will be paid $100,000 with half of that coming from The Green Municipal Fund (GMF) funded by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.  FOTENN will hold the first public meeting in early June to inform the public about the project and gather input.  Then there will be an Interactive public workshop in the Fall with the final plan being presented to Council early 2018.

The intent is to plan a sustainable community along the lines promoted by the Province and by the Tannery District Citizens Group.  See links below for more details on their proposal; worth a read, very interesting!  The good news is that because it’s promoted by the Province, we can expect to get a favourable hearing on grant applications.

When completed, it will include a mix of low and high density housing – including some “affordable housing” – plus some local commercial units.  (When asked about a similar as yet unfinished plan for New Amherst, Director of Planning Glenn McGlashon responded that commercial development comes at the end of a project because they need sufficient nearby residents before stores and services become viable.)  When completed, there could be as many as 500 to 1000 people living in the district.

tannery mapOne of the concerns expressed about the area is that it’s “brownfield” and probably needs some form of remediation.  But it seems that developers of brownfields are well aware of what needs to be done and the cost.  Their biggest concern as expressed to Glenn is the need for direction from the Town – that is, a “Vision” is needed.  That is what this project will provide.

When the project  plan is completed, Glenn expects to have:

  • A Master Plan for the District
  • A Secondary Plan – to provide Policy
  • Bylaws – to provide regulations.



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