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Northumberland mall is growing – two new tenants will have outside entrances and the space vacated by Sears will soon be filled.   Outside will be PaulMac’s which needs space to expand and is moving from their current location on Strathy Road – they sell Pet food. Also outside will be CarQuest which is moving from their location on Highway 2. They sell car parts – mostly to car repair shops. Inside, the space vacated by Sears will be filled by Hart – a growing business based in Quebec that operates small department stores.

mall logosPaulMac’s is a large company and also operates the Pet Valu, Paulmac's Pet Food and Bosley's stores. They say they are one of the largest retail operations in North America. Good to see a success story in Cobourg.

CarQuest is also a large North American operation with over 5000 stores. As well as supplying parts to “professional installers” they also service the do-it-yourself market so a Mall location would seem they want to encourage that market.

Hart is a medium sized privately owned company with 66 Hart stores as well as 20 Maison en Gros stores – mostly in Quebec. Their stores are medium sized so the Sears location suits. They sell clothing for ladies, children and men, housewares (but not large appliances), linens, toys and seasonal. Basically, the same as Sears but without the large appliances.

One of the big advantages of the Mall is good parking.  Mall Manager Paul Kiidumae agreed with me that Malls in Canada are hurting – although not as much as in the U.S. – but with services and entertainment, Malls like Northumberland Mall will do well.   Looks like they are on track to do just that.

Although there are no firm completion dates, all the changes are expected to be completed within the next month or so.


Update - November 20, 2017

Carquest and Paulmac's Pets have been open for a while.  Hart's is due to open December 1st, 2017.